General Relativity provides an unusually broad survey of the current state of this field. Chapters on mathematical relativity cover many topics, including initial value problems, a new approach to the partial differential equations of physics, and work on exact solutions. The chapters on relativistic cosmology and black holes explore cosmology. Other chapters deal with gravitational waves, experimental relativity, quantum gravity, and aspects of computing in relativity. The book will be useful both to postgraduates and to established workers in the field.

chapter |18 pages

Mathematics of General Relativity

BySchmidt Bernd

chapter |42 pages

Partial Differential Equations of Physics

ByRobert Geroch

chapter |22 pages

Gravitostatics and Rotating Bodies

ByGernot Neugebauer

chapter |24 pages

A Guide to Basic Exact Solutions

ByZoltán Perjés

chapter |36 pages

Relativistic Cosmology

ByJohn Wainwright

chapter |60 pages

Black Holes in Cosmology and Astrophysics

ByB.J. Carr

chapter |20 pages

Sources of Gravitational Waves

ByJosé Alberto Lobo

chapter |16 pages

Detection of Gravitational Waves

ByNorna A Robertson

chapter |48 pages

Algebraic Computing in General Relativity

ByRay d’Inverno

chapter |76 pages

Numerical Computing in General Relativity

ByRay d’lnverno

chapter |30 pages

Quantum Gravity

ByMalcolm Perry