Dr. J. S. Laskowski has written several papers on frother-collector interactions and the effect of such interactions on flotation kinetics, and on frothers chemistry and frothing. He is founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Coal Preparation. Dr. E. T. Woodburn has published numerous papers on flotation froth and flotation kinetics.
Frothing in Flotation, published in honor of Jan Leja, appeared in 1989. Many important contributions on various aspects of flotation froth properties and behavior and the relationship between froth appearance and flotation performance have appeared since, and this volume intends to summarize these achievements. Flotation kinetics involves a number of mass transfer processes with some of them being critically determined by the behavior of froth. Since froth is complex, and controlled experimentation is difficult, the froth phase was, until recently, either ignored or treated entirely empirically. With wide applications of flotation columns, the behavior of the froth is now often recognized as being dominant in determining flotation performance, and the research in this area is one of the most actively pursued.

chapter 1|49 pages

Frothers and Frothing

ByJ.S. Laskowski

chapter 2|30 pages

Effect of Particle and Bubble Size on Flotation Kinetics

ByJ.B. Rubinstein, V.D. Samygin

chapter 3|28 pages

Water Contents and Distribution in Flotation Froths

ByKazimierz Malysa

chapter 4|36 pages

Mechanisms Operating in Flotation Froths

ByV.E. Ross

chapter 5|32 pages

Characterization of Flotation Froth

ByJ.B. Rubinstein, V.I. Melik-Gaikazyan

chapter 6|28 pages

Simultaneous Determination of Collection Zone Rate Constant and Froth Zone Recovery Factor ☆

ByM.A. Vera, J.-P. Franzidis*, E.V. Manlapig

chapter 7|40 pages

Modelling of Froth Dynamics with Implications for Feed-Back Control

ByD.G. Murphy, E.T. Woodburn, J.J. Cilliers

chapter 8|29 pages

The Interrelationship Between Flotation Variables and Froth Appearance

ByD.W. Moolman, C. Aldrich, J.S.J. Van Deventer

chapter 9|34 pages

Froth Image Analysis in a Flotation Control System

ByStanislaw Lenczowski, Jacek Galas

chapter 10|27 pages

Kinetic Flotation Modelling Using Froth Imaging Data

ByJ.J. Cilliers, R.A. Asplin, E.T. Woodburn

chapter 11|28 pages

Deendence of Froth Behaviour on Galvanic Interactions

ByJ.S.J. Van Deventer