There is a growing need to support undergraduate educators in the development of environmental management educational materials. Recognizing this need, the National Science Foundation funded a College Faculty Workshop on Environmental Management, that was conducted at Utah State University in July and August 1996. The principle objectives of the seminar were (1) to provide a meaningful course which would generate new ideas and innovative educational approaches in the emerging field of environmental management, and (2) to develop an applications-oriented problem workbook which would support undergraduate faculty involvement in the production of course materials. The result of this effort is Environmental Management: Problems and Solutions, an informative text on the essentials of environmental management.
More than 200 structured problems presented in the book are meant to elicit a sound understanding of the basics of environmental monitoring, assessment and control. Detailed solutions to each problem, provided with each chapter, will prove useful to both the student and the instructor.
This innovative text is a valuable resource for anyone involved in training of engineers and scientists in the field of environmental engineering.

chapter 1|22 pages


ByDarwin L. Sorensen

chapter 2|20 pages

Health And Hazard Risk Assessment

ByScott Lowe, David James

chapter 3|21 pages

Risk Communication

ByBill Kroesser, David James, Scott Lowe

chapter 4|25 pages

Pollution Prevention

ByJoseph Reynolds

chapter 5|21 pages

Energy Conservation

ByGary Hickernell

chapter 6|32 pages

Air Quality Issues

BySuwanchai Nitisoravut

chapter 7|32 pages

Water Quality Issues

BySean X. Liu

chapter 8|17 pages

Solid Waste Management Issues

ByMonica Minton, Poa-Chiang Yuan

chapter 9|20 pages

Industrial Hygiene

ByPankajam Ganesan

chapter 10|18 pages

ISO 14000

ByKumar Ganesan

chapter 11|21 pages

Native American Issues

ByTerry Baxter, Robert Tidwell

chapter 12|27 pages


ByHoward Beim

chapter 13|20 pages

Environmental Accounting and Liability

ByCarolyn Daugherty

chapter 14|15 pages

Other Environmental Issues

ByMike Haradopolis