In recent years much attention has been paid to safety of navigation and marine transportation. Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation addresses the main aspects of marine safety, including: safety of navigation; manoeuvering and ship-handling systems; marine traffic control and automatic identification systems; navigation tools, system

part 1|2 pages

Safety of navigation

part 2|2 pages

Manouvering and ship-handling simulation

part 3|2 pages

Global navigation satellite system

part 4|2 pages

Marine traffic control and automatic identification systems

part 5|2 pages

Navigational tools, systems and equipment

part 6|2 pages


part 7|2 pages

Communication at Sea

part 8|2 pages

Manouvering and pilot navigation

part 10|2 pages

Route planning and weather navigation

part 11|2 pages

Hydrometeorological aspects

chapter 11|6 pages

4 Sea Ice Services in the Baltic Sea

part 12|2 pages

Methods and algorithms

part 14|2 pages

Marine transportation

part 15|2 pages

Human factors and crew resource management

part 16|2 pages

Maritime education and training

part 17|2 pages

Maritime policy, proposals and recommendations