In the context of the current financial crisis, and at a time of deep global change, growing attention is paid to the global norms and ethical values that could underpin future global policy. Water is a key global resource. At the 3rd Marcelino Botin Foundation Water Workshop, held in Santander, Spain, June 12-14, 2007, the role of ethics in the de

part I|2 pages

Some cultural traditional approaches on water ethics

part III|2 pages

Water as a human right and as an economic resource

chapter 8|12 pages

Water as a human right and as an economic resource: An example from Mexico

ByL.E. Marín, R. Sandoval, F. Tagle, E. Sánchez & V.H. Martínez

part IV|2 pages

Water and poverty: Is there a link?

chapter 10|20 pages

Monitoring water poverty: A vision from development practitioners

ByA. Jiménez, J. Molinero & A. Pérez-Foguet

part V|2 pages

Ethics of groundwater use

part VI|2 pages

Ethics of water ownership and management

part VII|2 pages

Corruption, transparency and participation in the water sector

chapter 16|22 pages

Corruption and transparency in the water sector

ByD. O’Leary

chapter 17|18 pages

Public participation to promote water ethics and transparency

ByW.J. Cosgrove

part VIII|2 pages

Ethical aspects of unforeseen and extreme events management: Floods and droughts

chapter 18|12 pages

Water disasters and ethics

ByJ.J. Bogardi

chapter 19|14 pages

Identifying actions to reduce drought impacts

ByE. Cabrera & J. Roldán