As the growth of the worlds population requires the continued search for residential space, the urbanization of natural lands is an inevitable process, but that process does not have to be one that is accomplished without regard for environmental quality. This book presents the unique perspective of naturbanization, the urbanization of protected a

part |2 pages


part |2 pages

Part I: Naturbanization processes case studies

chapter |18 pages

Conceptual and methodological framework of naturbanization

ByM.J. Prados

chapter |16 pages

The development of urbanization in the neighbourhood of Kampinoski National Park

ByM. Czerny, I. Lecka & M. Wujek

chapter |30 pages

Naturbanization and sustainability at Peneda-Gerês National Park

ByJ.M. Lourenço, N. Quental & F. Barros

chapter |18 pages

Naturbanization and local development in the mountain areas of the Catalan Pyrenees

ByA.F. Tulla, M. Pallares-Barbera & A. Vera

chapter |14 pages

Naturbanization processes in Sardinia

ByM. Campagna

part |2 pages

Part III: Natural effects in naturbanization processes

chapter |20 pages

Conservation of coastal habitats in Mediterranean areas: A combined analytical framework for case studies

ByE.D. Ivanov, I. Manakos & W. van der Knaap

chapter |14 pages

Evaluation of protected natural reserves through GTP model – The case-study of High Pyrenees Natural Park

ByHigh Pyrenees Natural Park A. Pelachs, E. Mendizábal, J.M. Serra, J.M. Soriano & A. Serra

chapter |14 pages

The consequences on landscape of new land uses in the upper forest line

ByR. Cunill, A. Pelachs & J.M. Soriano