Unsaturated Soils: Advances in Geo-Engineering comprises 136 contributions from leading international researchers and practitioners, presented at the First European Conference on Unsaturated Soils (Durham, UK, 2-4 July 2008). The papers report on the latest advances in geo-engineering aspects of unsaturated soils. It is the first collection to focu

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chapter |30 pages

Unsaturated soil mechanics in earth and rockfill dam engineering

ByE.E. Alonso & N.M. Pinyol

chapter |20 pages

Recent developments in the techniques of controlling and measuring suction in unsaturated soils

ByP. Delage, E. Romero & A. Tarantino

chapter |10 pages

Developments in modelling the generalised behaviour of unsaturated soils

ByA. Gens, L. do N. Guimarães, M. Sánchez & D. Sheng

part |2 pages

Advances in testing techniques

chapter |6 pages

A novel suction-controlled true triaxial apparatus for unsaturated soils

ByL.R. Hoyos, A. Laikram & A.J. Puppala

chapter |8 pages

A simple shear apparatus for testing unsaturated soils

ByS. Tombolato, A. Tarantino & L. Mongiovì

chapter |6 pages

A device for simultaneous measurement of acoustic and hydraulic properties in unsaturated soils

ByL.A. George, M.M. Dewoolkar & C. Wei

chapter |8 pages

A modified triaxial apparatus to reduce testing time: Equipment and preliminary results

ByJ.C. Rojas, C. Mancuso & F. Vinale

chapter |6 pages

A large physical model to simulate flowslides in pyroclastic soils

ByL. Pagano, M.C. Zingariello & F. Vinale

chapter |6 pages

Climatic chamber to model soil-atmosphere interaction in the centrifuge

ByJ. Tristancho & B. Caicedo

chapter |6 pages

Experimental determination of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity in compacted silt

ByJ.J. Mun˜oz, V. De Gennaro & E. Delaure

chapter |6 pages

Testing for coefficient of permeability of a sandy soil in the residual state zone

ByN. Ebrahimi-Birang, D.G. Fredlund & L. Samarasekera

chapter |6 pages

Preparation of unsaturated soils by oedometric compression

ByB. Caicedo, J.C. Ulloa & C. Murillo

chapter |4 pages

Influence of sample height on the soil water characteristic curve

ByC.N. Khoury & G.A. Miller

chapter |6 pages

Observations of unsaturated soils by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy in dynamic mode

ByS.D.N. Lourenço, D.G. Toll, C.E. Augarde, D. Gallipoli, A. Congreve, T. Smart & F.D. Evans

chapter |8 pages

Recent advances in ESEM analysis of partially saturated geomaterials

ByC. Sorgi, V. De Gennaro, H.D. Nguyen & P. Delalain

chapter |6 pages

Study of desiccation crack evolution using image analysis

ByS. Costa, J. Kodikara & N.I. Thusyanthan

chapter |8 pages

Spatial Time Domain Reflectometry (Spatial TDR) – Principles, limitations and accuracy

ByR. Becker, A. Scheuermann, S. Schlaeger, C. Huebner & N. Wagner

chapter |8 pages

Spatial Time Domain Reflectometry (Spatial TDR) – On the use in geohydraulics and geotechnics

ByA. Scheuermann, A. Bieberstein, Th. Triantafyllidis, C. Huebner, R. Becker, S. Schlaeger & N. Wagner

chapter |8 pages

A new high capacity tensiometer: First results

ByJ.C. Rojas, L. Pagano, M.C. Zingariello, C. Mancuso, G. Giordano & G. Passeggio

chapter |6 pages

Evaluation of suction measurement by the tensiometer and the axis translation technique

ByS.D.N. Lourenço, D.G. Toll, C.E. Augarde, D. Gallipoli, F.D. Evans & G.M. Medero

chapter |8 pages

A system for field measurement of suction using high capacity tensiometers

ByJ. Mendes, D.G. Toll, C.E. Augarde & D. Gallipoli

part |2 pages

Engineering behaviour: Water retention behaviour and hydraulic properties

chapter |6 pages

Water retention properties of Boom clay: A comparison between different experimental techniques

ByT.T. Le, P. Delage, Y.J. Cui, A.M. Tang, A. Lima, E. Romero, A. Gens & X.L. Li

chapter |8 pages

Determination of soil suction state surface in pure and composite clays by filter paper method

ByM. Biglari, A. Shafiee & I. Ashayeri

chapter |6 pages

Soil water retention curves for remolded expansive soils

ByK.C. Chao, J.D. Nelson, D.D. Overton & J.M. Cumbers

chapter |8 pages

Hydromechanical couplings in confined MX80 bentonite during hydration

ByD. Marcial, P. Delage & Y.J. Cui

chapter |6 pages

Effect of temperature on the water retention capacity of FEBEX and MX-80 bentonites

ByM.V. Villar & R. Gómez-Espina

chapter |8 pages

Retention and compressibility properties of a partially saturated mine chalk

ByH.D. Nguyen, V. De Gennaro, P. Delage & C. Sorgi

chapter |6 pages

Water retention functions of sand mixtures

ByE. Imre, I. Laufer, K. Rajkai, A. Scheuermann, T. Firgi & G. Telekes

chapter |6 pages

Volumetric behaviour of compacted London Clay during wetting and loading

ByR. Monroy, L. Zdravkovic & A. Ridley

chapter |6 pages

Hydro-mechanical properties of compacted sand-bentonite in a semi-arid climate

ByH. Bilsel & A. Iravanian

chapter |8 pages

Grain size effects on rockfill constitutive behaviour

ByA. Ramon, E.E. Alonso & E.E. Romero

chapter |6 pages

The influence of suction on stiffness, viscosity and collapse of some volcanic ashy soils

ByE. Bilotta, V. Foresta & G. Migliaro

chapter |6 pages

Compression-induced suction change in a compacted expansive clay

ByA.M. Tang, Y.J. Cui & N. Barnel

chapter |6 pages

Theoretical modelling of the compaction curve

ByN. Kurucuk, J. Kodikara & D.G. Fredlund

chapter |8 pages

An evaluation of soil suction measurements using the filter paper method and their use in volume change prediction

ByJ.M. Cumbers, J.D. Nelson, K.C. Chao & D.D. Overton

chapter |8 pages

Validation of a swelling potential index for expansive soils

ByJ.L. Zheng, R. Zhang & H.P. Yang

chapter |6 pages

Effect of moisture content on tensile strength and fracture toughness of a silty soil

ByM.R. Lakshmikantha, P.C. Prat, J. Tapia & A. Ledesma

chapter 10|6 pages

Tensile strength of some compacted fine-grained soils

ByA.J. Lutenegger & A. Rubin