Applications of Group Theory to Combinatorics contains 11 survey papers from international experts in combinatorics, group theory and combinatorial topology. The contributions cover topics from quite a diverse spectrum, such as design theory, Belyi functions, group theory, transitive graphs, regular maps, and Hurwitz problems, and present the state

chapter |14 pages

Automorphism groups of Cayley digraphs

ByY.-Q. Feng, Z.-P. Lu & M.-Y. Xu

chapter |16 pages

Symmetrical covers, decompositions and factorisations of graphs

ByM. Guidici, C.H. Li & C.E. Praeger

chapter |12 pages

Separability properties of groups

ByG. Kim & C.Y. Tang

chapter |38 pages

Coverings, enumeration and Hurwitz problems

ByJ.H. Kwak, J. Lee & A. Mednykh

chapter |24 pages

Combinatorial facets of Hurwitz numbers

ByS.K. Lando

chapter |14 pages

Groups and designs

ByH. Li

chapter |6 pages

Genus parameters and sizings of groups

ByT.W. Tucker

chapter |20 pages

Belyi functions: Examples, properties and applications

ByA.K. Zvonkin