SEEING THE UNSEEN. GEOPHYSICS AND LANDSCAPE ARCHAEOLOGY is a collection of papers presented at the advanced XV International Summer School in ArchaeologyGeophysics for Landscape Archaeology (Grosseto, Italy, 10-18 July 2006). Bringing together the experience of some of the worlds greatest experts in the field of archaeological prospection, the

chapter |40 pages

Introduction to geophysics for archaeology

ByS. Piro

chapter |22 pages

Electrical resistivity tomography: A flexible technique in solving problems of archaeological research

ByG.N. Tsokas, P.I. Tsourlos & N. Papadopoulos

chapter |38 pages

Caesium-magnetometry for landscape-archaeology

ByH. Becker

chapter |18 pages

The complementary nature of geophysical survey methods

ByM. Watters

chapter |12 pages

Electromagnetic methods (low frequency)

ByA. Tabbagh

chapter |16 pages

GPR methods for archaeology

ByD. Goodman

chapter |2 pages

Test site background and outcome of the Aiali project

ByS. Campana & S. Piro

chapter |6 pages

Remote sensing: Aerial photography and satellite imagery

ByS. Campana

chapter |4 pages

Geophysical surveys

ByS. Campana & S. Piro

chapter |6 pages

Fluxgate, overhouser and caesium-magnetometry

H. Becker S. Campana T. Himmler
ByH. Becker, S. Campana, T. Himmler & I. Nicolosi

chapter |4 pages

Electrical surveys

S. Campana M. Dabas
ByS. Campana, M. Dabas & G. Morelli

chapter |4 pages

Electromagnetic survey (EM38 Geonics ltd)

ByA. Tabbagh

chapter |6 pages

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys at Aiali (Grosseto)

ByD. Goodman & S. Piro

chapter |6 pages

Putting everything together: GIS-based data integration and interpretation

ByS. Campana & S. Piro