A description of procedures for probing bond activation, H-bonded systems, molecular dynamical mechanisms, vibrational dephasing, simple liquids, and proteins and energy flow effects using ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy experiments. It discusses experimental and theoretical methods of ultrafast infrared and Raman measurements.

chapter 1|80 pages

Ultrafast Coherent Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy of Liquid Systems

ByLiquid Systems Alfred Laubereau, Robert Laenen

chapter 2|36 pages

Probing Bond Activation Reactions with Femtosecond Infrared

ByHaw Yang, Charles Bonner Harris

chapter 3|32 pages

Applications of Broadband Transient Infrared Spectroscopy

ByEdwin J. Heilweil

chapter 5|36 pages

Time-Resolved Infrared Studies of Ligand Dynamics in Heme Proteins

ByManho Lim, Timothy A. Jackson, Philip A. Anfinrud

chapter 6|46 pages

Infrared Vibrational Echo Experiments

ByKirk D. Rector, M. D. Fayer

chapter 2|34 pages

Two-Dimensional Coherent Infrared Spectroscopy of Vibrational Excitons in Peptides

ByAndrei Piryatinski, Vladimir Chernyak, Shaul Mukamel

chapter 10|36 pages

Fifth-Order Two-Dimensional Raman Spectroscopy of the Intermolecular and Vibrational Dynamics in Liquids

ByDavid A. Blank, Graham R. Fleming, Minhaeng Cho, Andrei Tokmakoff

chapter 11|40 pages

Nonresonant Intermolecular Spectroscopy of Liquids

ByJohn T. Fourkas

chapter 13|52 pages

Vibrational Energy Redistribution in Polyatomic Liquids: Ultrafast IR-Raman Spectroscopy

ByLawrence K. Iwaki, John C. Dea`k, Stuart T. Rhea, and Dana D. Dlott

chapter 15|50 pages

Vibrational Relaxation of Polyatomic Molecules in Supercritical Fluids and the Gas Phase

ByD. J. Myers, Motoyuki Shigeiwa, M. D. Fayer, Binny J. Cherayil

chapter 16|20 pages

Vibrational Energy Relaxation in Liquids and Supercritical Fluids

ByJames L. Skinner, Sergei A. Egorov, Karl F. Everitt