"Presents the latest developments in the prgramming and design of programmable digital signal processors (PDSPs) with very-long-instruction word (VLIW) architecture, algorithm formulation and implementation, and modern applications for multimedia processing, communications, and industrial control."

chapter 2|44 pages

VLIW Processor Architectures and Algorithm Mappings for DSP Applications

ByRavi A. Managuli, Yongmin Kim

chapter 3|56 pages

Multimedia Instructions in Microprocessors for Native Signal Processing

ByRuby B. Lee, A. Murat Fiskiran

chapter 4|40 pages

Reconfigurable Computing and Digital Signal Processing: Past, Present, and Future

ByRussell Tessier, Wayne Burleson

chapter 5|56 pages

Parallel Architectures for Programmable Video Signal Processing

ByZhao Wu, Wayne Wolf

chapter 6|52 pages

OASIS: An Optimized Code Generation Approach for Complex Instruction Set PDSPs

ByJim K. H. Yu, Yu Hen Hu

chapter 7|38 pages

Digital Signal Processing on MMX Technology

ByYen-Kuang Chen, Nicholas Yu, Birju Shah

chapter 8|46 pages

Hardware/Software Cosynthesis of DSP Systems

ByShuvra S. Bhattacharyya