Supplies the most essential concepts and methods necessary to capitalize on the innovations of industrial automation, including mathematical fundamentals, ergonometrics, industrial robotics, government safety regulations, and economic analyses.

chapter Chapter 1.1|32 pages

Some Probability Concepts for Engineers

ByEnrique Castillo, Ali S. Hadi

chapter Chapter 1.2|9 pages

Introduction to Sets and Relations

ByDiego A. Murio

chapter Chapter 1.3|21 pages

Linear Algebra

ByWilliam C. Brown

chapter Chapter 1.4|22 pages

A Review of Calculus

ByAngelo B. Mingarelli

chapter Chapter 1.5|26 pages

Ordinary Differential Equations

ByJane Cronin

chapter Chapter 1.6|15 pages

Boolean Algebra

ByKi Hang Kim

chapter Chapter 1.7|7 pages

Algebraic Structures and Applications

ByJ. B. Srivastava

chapter Chapter 2.1|20 pages

Measurement and Control Instrumentation Error-Modeled Performance

ByPatrick H. Garrett

chapter Chapter 2.2|19 pages

Fundamentals of Digital Motion Control

ByErnest L. Hall, Krishnamohan Kola, Ming Cao

chapter Chapter 2.3|8 pages

In-Process Measurement

ByWilliam E. Barkman

chapter Chapter 3.1|31 pages

Distributed Control Systems

ByDobrivoje Popovic

chapter Chapter 3.2|16 pages


ByAllen R. Stubberud, Stephen C. Stubberud

chapter Chapter 3.3|20 pages

Digital Signal Processing

ByFred J. Taylor

chapter Chapter 3.4|16 pages

Sampled-Data Systems

ByFred J. Taylor

chapter Chapter 4.1|27 pages


ByRichard Brook, Denny Meyer

chapter Chapter 4.2|26 pages

A Brief Introduction to Linear and Dynamic Programming

ByRichard B. Darst

chapter Chapter 4.3|13 pages

Simulation and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

ByBenita M. Beamon

chapter Chapter 4.4|21 pages

Petri Nets

ByFrank S. Cheng

chapter Chapter 4.5|18 pages

Decision Analysis

ByHiroyuki Tamura

chapter Chapter 5.1|15 pages

Sensors: Touch, Force, and Torque

ByRichard M. Crowder

chapter Chapter 5.2|22 pages

Machine Vision Fundamentals

ByPrasanthi Guda, Jin Cao, Jeannine Gailey, Ernest L. Hall

chapter Chapter 5.3|16 pages

Three-Dimensional Vision

ByJoseph H. Nurre

chapter Chapter 5.4|19 pages

Industrial Machine Vision

BySteve Dickerson

chapter Chapter 6.1|5 pages

The Future of Manufacturing

ByM. Eugene Merchant

chapter Chapter 6.2|28 pages

Manufacturing Systems

ByJon Marvel, Ken Bloemer

chapter Chapter 6.3|4 pages

Intelligent Manufacturing in Industrial Automation

ByGeorge N. Saridis

chapter Chapter 6.4|10 pages


ByJohn Mandel

chapter Chapter 6.5|29 pages

Intelligent Industrial Robots

ByWanek Golnazarian, Ernest L. Hall

chapter Chapter 6.6|38 pages

Industrial Materials Science and Engineering

ByLawrence E. Murr

chapter Chapter 6.7|6 pages

Forming and Shaping Processes

ByShivakumar Raman

chapter Chapter 6.8|34 pages

Molding Processes

ByAvraam I. Isayev

chapter Chapter 7.1|36 pages

Material Handling and Storage Systems

ByWilliam Wrennall, Herbert R. Tuttle

chapter Chapter 7.2|15 pages

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

ByStephen L. Parsley

chapter Chapter 7.3|14 pages


ByA. Kader Mazouz, C. P. Han

chapter Chapter 7.4|15 pages

Robotic Palletizing of Fixed- and Variable-Size/Content Parcels

ByHyder Nihal Agha, William H. DeCamp, Richard L. Shell, Ernest L. Hall

chapter Chapter 8.1|30 pages

Investigation Programs

ByLudwig Benner

chapter Chapter 8.2|14 pages

Government Regulation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

ByC. Ray Asfahl

chapter Chapter 8.3|16 pages


ByVerna Fitzsimmons, Ron Collier

chapter Chapter 9.1|44 pages

Perspectives on Designing Human Interfaces for Automated Systems

ByAnil Mital, Arunkumar Pennathur

chapter Chapter 9.2|4 pages

Workstation Design

ByChristin Shoaf, Ashraf M. Genaidy

chapter Chapter 9.3|31 pages

Physical Strength Assessment in Ergonomics

BySean Gallagher, J. Steven Moore, Terrence J. Stobbe, James D. McGlothlin, Amit Bhattacharya

chapter Chapter 10.1|20 pages

Engineering Economy

ByThomas R. Huston

chapter Chapter 10.2|14 pages

Manufacturing-Cost Recovery and Estimating Systems

ByEric M. Malstrom, Terry R. Collins