Featuring presentations from the Fourth International Conference on Commutative Algebra held in Fez, Morocco, this reference presents trends in the growing area of commutative algebra. With contributions from nearly 50 internationally renowned researchers, the book emphasizes innovative applications and connections to algebraic number theory, geome

chapter |14 pages

D[X 2, X 3] Over an Integral Domain D

ByDavid F. Anderson, Gyu Whan Chang, Jeanam Park

chapter |14 pages

Frobenius Number of a Linear Diophantine Equation

ByAbdallah Badra

chapter |14 pages

On Plane Algebroid Curves

ByV. Barucci, M. D’Anna, R. Fröberg

chapter |9 pages

On Radical Operations

ByAli Benhissi

chapter |4 pages

A Splitting Property Characterizing Artinian Principal Ideal Rings

ByAbdelmalek Bouanane, Raja Eddahabi

chapter |11 pages

Rings of Integer-Valued Polynomials and the bcs-Property

ByJames Brewer, Lee Klingler

chapter |10 pages

Factorial Groups and Pólya Groups in Galoisian Extension of Q

ByJean-Luc Chabert

chapter |20 pages

Monomial Ideals and the Computation of Multiplicities

ByD. Delfino, A. Taylor, W. V. Vasconcelos, N. Weininger, R. H. Villarreal

chapter |10 pages

Analytic Spread of a Pregraduation

ByYoussouf M. Diagana

chapter |13 pages

Extension of the Hilbert–Samuel Theorem

ByHenri Dichi

chapter |11 pages

On the Integral Closure of Going-Down Rings

ByDavid E. Dobbs

chapter |21 pages

Generalized Going-Down Homomorphisms of Commutative Rings

ByDavid E. Dobbs, Marco Fontana, Gabriel Picavet

chapter |22 pages

Controlling the Zero Divisors of a Commutative Ring

BySarah Glaz

chapter |22 pages

Examples of Integral Domains Inside Power Series Rings

ByWilliam Heinzer, Christel Rotthaus, Sylvia Wiegand

chapter |11 pages

Generalized Going-Up Homomorphisms of Commutative Rings

ByAndrew J. Hetzel

chapter |21 pages

Parameter-Like Sequences and Extensions of Tight Closure

ByMelvin Hochster

chapter |12 pages

The Tor Game

ByCraig Huneke, Roger Wiegand

chapter |11 pages

Trivial Extensions of Local Rings and a Conjecture of Costa

ByS. Kabbaj, N. Mahdou

chapter |9 pages

On the t–Dimension of Integral Domains

ByMohammed Khalis

chapter |12 pages

On Some Annihilator Conditions Over Commutative Rings

ByFarid Kourki

chapter |14 pages

On Projective Modules Over Polynomial Rings

ByYves Lequain, Najib Mahdou

chapter |17 pages

Rings, Conditional Expectations, and Localization

ByThomas G. Lucas

chapter |1 pages

Errata: “Pullbacks and Coherent-Like Properties”

[In: Lect. Notes Pure Appl. Math., Dekker, 205 (1999) 437–459]
ByAbdeslam Mimouni

chapter |18 pages

Ultraproducts of Commutative Rings

ByBruce Olberding, Serpil Saydam

chapter |31 pages

Geometric Subsets of a Spectrum

ByGabriel Picavet

chapter |15 pages

Trigonometric Polynomial Rings

ByGabriel Picavet, Martine Picavet-L’Hermitte

chapter |10 pages

The First Mayr–Meyer Ideal

ByIrena Swanson

chapter |16 pages

Facets on Rings Between D[X] and K[X]

ByMuhammad Zafrullah

chapter |16 pages

Constructions Cachées en Algèbre Abstraite: Le Principe Local-Global

ByHenri Lombardi, Claude Quitté