Exploring innovative routes of drug discovery in the postgenomic era, Microbial Genomics and Drug Discovery examines bioinformatic and genomic approaches for the identification, detection, selection, and validation of new antibacterial targets and vaccine candidates. The book discusses potential pathways for effective infection control, inhibition of antibacterial resistance, and acceleration of the drug discovery process. This comprehensive reference describes procedures to recognize common targets in various bacterial species for the design of broad-spectrum antibiotics and clearly illustrates the use of pathway tools in a genomics-based drug discovery project.

Preface, Contributors, 1. Global Aspects of Antibiotic Resistance, 2. Genomics of Bacterial Pathogens, 3. Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Antimicrobial Drug Discovery, 4. The Pathway Tools Software and Its Role in Antimicrobial Drug Discovery, 5. Genomic Strategies in Antibacterial Drug Discovery, 6. Genomics Based Approaches to Novel Antimicrobial Target Discovery, 7. Pathogenesis Genes as Novel Targets, 8. Application of Genomics to the Discovery of New Drugs Against Tuberculosis, 9. Phenotype Micro Arrays: Their Use in Antibiotic Discovery, 10. Microbial Proteomics: New Approaches for Therapeutic Vaccines and Drug Discovery, 11. Surrogate Ligand Based Assay Systems for Discovery of Antibacterial Agents for Genomic Targets, 12. Expression Profiling Uses in Antibacterial Chemotherapy Development, 13. Using Fungal Genomes for the Discovery, Development, and Clinical Application of Novel and Current Antifungal Therapeutics, 14. Genomics in Novel Natural Products Generation, Index