This excellent reference traces the construction and maintenance of the digital collections and services that have been available day in and day out to users worldwide for more than a decade. It examines applicable guidelines for any library looking to build and manage systems, conduct and evaluate projects, and scout new directions for mainstreaming and hybridizing the building of a digital library. Including contributions from seasoned experts in specializations such as staffing, collection development, and technology project management for digital libraries, Becoming a Digital Library discusses the techniques for finding and training the right people to build a digital library.

chapter 1|20 pages

The Culture of Engaged Institutions

ByAngi Her old Faiks and Janet A. McCue

chapter 2|20 pages


ByBill Kara

chapter 3|28 pages

Resources for the Digital Library

ByMary Anderson Ochs, John M. Saylor

chapter 4|31 pages

Investing in Staff: Hiring, Training, and Mentoring

ByThomas P. Turner, Howard Raskin

chapter 5|22 pages

Teams and Teamwork

ByPhilip Herold

chapter 6|17 pages

Information Technology Services

ByTim Lynch

chapter 7|22 pages

Project Management and Implementation

ByHolly L. Mistlebauer

chapter 9|13 pages

New Frontiers and the Scout

ByKatherine S. Chiang