Over the past decade, new applications of genetic engineering in the fermentation of food products have received a great deal of coverage in scientific literature. While many books focus solely on recent developments, this reference book highlights these developments and provides detailed background and manufacturing information.Co-Edited by Fidel

chapter 1|9 pages

Origin and History of Food Fermentations

ByKeith H. Steinkraus

chapter 2|17 pages


ByEgon Bech Hansen

chapter 3|33 pages

Starter Cultures and Fermented Products

ByJytte Josephsen, Lene Jespersen

chapter 4|45 pages

Manufacture of Fermented Products

ByWai-Kit Nip

chapter 5|28 pages

Quality and Flavor of Fermented Products

ByGerrit Smit, Jan T. M. Wouters, Wilco C. Meijer

chapter 6|14 pages

Semisolid Cultured Dairy Products: Principles and Applications

ByDilip Patel, Marcia Walker

chapter 7|24 pages


ByK. R. Nauth

chapter 8|13 pages

Sour Cream and Crème Fraîche

ByLisbeth Meunier-Goddik

chapter 10|16 pages

Fromage Frais

ByLisbeth Meunier-Goddik

chapter 12|26 pages

Principles of Cheese Production

ByE. Waagner Nielsen

chapter 13|17 pages

Traditional Greek Feta

chapter 14|24 pages

Cheddar Cheese

ByJean M. Banks, Alan G. Williams

chapter 15|16 pages

Semihard Scandinavian Cheeses Made with Mesophilic DL-Starter

ByYlva Ardö

chapter 16|19 pages

Cheeses Made with Thermophilic Lactic Starters

BySylvie Lortal

chapter 18|18 pages

Packaging of Cheeses

ByGrith Mortensen, Grete Bertelsen, Per V. Nielsen

chapter 19|11 pages

Cheese Production: Quality Control and Sanitation

BySøren Lillevang

chapter 20|17 pages

Meat Fermentation: Principles and Applications

ByDaniel Demeyer

chapter 21|16 pages

Dry-Cured Ham

ByFidel Toldrá

chapter 22|14 pages

Semidry Fermented Sausages

ByJoseph G. Sebranek

chapter 23|23 pages

Dry Fermented Sausages

chapter 24|12 pages

Mold-Ripened Sausages

ByK. Incze

chapter 26|16 pages

Fermented and Dry-Cured Meat: Packaging and Quality Control

ByFidel Toldrá, Rafael Gavara, José M. Lagarón

chapter 27|25 pages

Meat Processing Plant Sanitation

ByNorman G. Marriott

chapter 28|17 pages

Fermented Soy Foods: An Overview

ByKeshun Liu

chapter 29|42 pages

Soy Sauce: Manufacturing and Biochemical Changes

ByTzou-Chi Huang, Der-Feng Teng

chapter 30|45 pages

Fermented Whole Soybeans and Soybean Paste

ByDer-Feng Teng, Chyi-Shen Lin, Pao-Chuan Hsieh

chapter 31|15 pages

Fermented Tofu: Sufu and Stinky Tofu

ByDer-Feng Teng, Chyi-Shen Lin, Pao-Chuan Hsieh

chapter 32|14 pages

Tempeh: The “Other” White Beancake

BySeth Tibbott

chapter 33|17 pages

Fermentation: Principles and Microorganisms

ByKen-Yuon Li

chapter 34|12 pages

Chinese Pickles: Leaf Mustard and Derived Products

ByRobin Y.-Y.Chiou

chapter 35|41 pages


ByKun-Young Park, Hong-Sik Cheigh

chapter 36|13 pages

Jalapeño Pepper Preservation by Fermentation or Pickling

ByRosa María Galicia Cabrera

chapter 37|9 pages


ByYong D. Hang

chapter 39|31 pages

Baker’s Yeast

ByBernard Poitrenaud

chapter 40|9 pages

Fermented Cereal-Based Functional Foods

ByHannu Salovaara, Lauri Simonson

chapter 41|32 pages

Sourdough Bread

chapter 42|29 pages

Fermented Doughs in Bread Production

ByFriedrich Meuser, Margit Valentin

chapter 43|18 pages

Packaging, Quality Control, and Sanitation of Bakery Products

ByPer V. Nielsen

chapter 44|20 pages

Kenkey: An African Fermented Maize Product

ByMary Halm, Wisdom Kofi Amoa-Awua, Mogens Jakobsen

chapter 45|19 pages

Fermented Liquid Milk Products

ByVikram V. Mistry

chapter 46|53 pages

Partially Fermented Tea

ByTze-neng Kan, Yung-sheng Tsai, Ru-hwa Chang, and Wai-Kit Nip

chapter 47|15 pages

Whiskey Michael Henderson