During the past three decades, urban groundwater has emerged as one of the worlds most pressing issues. Explosive population growth, most prevalent in cities, has placed an inordinate demand on groundwater supply, prompting concerns for its long-term sustainability at a time when the quality of available groundwater resources is being increasingly

part |2 pages

Recharge mechanisms and the urban water balance

chapter 3|12 pages

Urban infrastructure and its impact on groundwater contamination

ByS. Burn, M. Eiswirth, R. Correll, A. Cronin, D. DeSilva, C. Diaper, P. Dillon, U. Mohrlok, B. Morris, J. Rueedi, L. Wolf, G. Vizintin and U. Vött

chapter 4|14 pages

Urban groundwater problems in Cork city, southwest Ireland

ByA. Allen

part |2 pages

Sewer exfiltration

chapter 5|8 pages

Impact on urban groundwater by wastewater infiltration into soils

ByU. Mohrlok, C. Cata, M. Bücker-Gittel

chapter 6|14 pages

Direct measurements of exfiltration in a sewer test site in a medium-sized city in southwest Germany

ByI. Held, J. Klinger, L. Wolf, H. Hötzl

part |2 pages

Assessment of contaminant impacts

chapter 8|12 pages

Groundwater flow velocities indicated by anthropogenic contaminants in urban sandstone aquifers

ByR.G. Taylor, A.A. Cronin and J. Rueedi

chapter 10|16 pages

Assessment of groundwater contaminant vulnerability in an urban watershed in southeast Michigan, USA

ByD.T. Rogers, K.S. Murray and M.M. Kaufman

chapter 11|16 pages

Xenobiotics in urban water systems – investigation and estimation of chemical fluxes

ByF. Reinstorf, G. Strauch, M. Schirmer, H.-R. Gläser, M. Möder, R. Wennrich, K. Osenbrueck and K. Schirmer

part |2 pages

Urban recharge management

chapter 12|12 pages

Conjunctive use of urban surface water and groundwater for improved urban water security

ByP. Dillon, S. Toze, P. Pavelic

chapter 13|14 pages

Stormwater infiltration technologies for augmenting groundwater recharge in urban areas

ByK. Howard, S. Di Biase, J. Thompson, H. Maier, J. Van Egmond

chapter 14|6 pages

Aspects of urban groundwater management and use in India

ByS.D. Limaye

part |2 pages

Urban aquifer management

chapter 16|10 pages

Can urban groundwater problems be transformed into new water resources?

ByE. van Griensven, M. Verhagen, F. van Swol, J. Eerhart, E. Hendrickx, S. Krook, D. Kooistra, J. Peters

chapter 20|18 pages

Urban groundwater resources: a case study of Porto city in northwest Portugal

ByM.J. Afonso, H.I. Chaminé, J.M. Carvalho, J.M. Marques, A. Gomes, M.A. Araújo, P.E. Fonseca, J. Teixeira, M.A. Marques da Silva and F.T. Rocha

chapter 21|12 pages

Water resources management in Taiz, Yemen: a comprehensive overview

ByE.S.A. El Sharabi