Tunnels have a high degree of risk that needs to be assessed and managed. Underground works intersect and interact with natural materials, incorporating their characteristics as structural components of their own stability. For this reason geotechnical risk analyses are implemented at all phases of tunnel construction, from design through to post-c

chapter |6 pages

An introduction to geotechnical risk in rock tunnels

Edited ByCampos e Matos António, Lopes Pinto Paulo

chapter |34 pages

Learning with accidents and damage associated to underground works

Edited ByLuís Ribeiro e Sousa

chapter |12 pages

Geological risk in the use of TBMs in heterogeneous rock masses - The case of "Metro do Porto"

Edited ByS Babendererde, E. Hoek, P Marinos, A. Silva Cardoso

chapter |10 pages

Geotechnical risk management in tunnelling

Edited ByP Schubert

chapter |12 pages

Use of decision aids for tunnelling

Edited ByHerbert H Einstein

chapter |44 pages

Fault zones and TBM

Edited ByN Barton

chapter |26 pages

Geomechanical problems in recent Spanish tunnels

Edited ByJ.M Rodríguez Ortiz

chapter |10 pages

Geotechnical risk in rock mass characterisation - a concept

Edited ByI Poeschl, J Kleberger

chapter |10 pages

Risk control at the design of a 13 km long railway tunnel in Austria

Edited ByJ. Daller

chapter |8 pages

Vibration mitigation at high speed railroads

Edited ByW Unterberger

chapter |10 pages

Evaluation of the reliability in reference geological hydrogeological models

Edited ByVenturini Guido, Perello Paolo, Dematteis Antonio, Bianchi Gianpino W, Piane Luca Delle, Damiano Antonio