This up-to-date reference is the most comprehensive summary of the field of nanoscience and its applications. It begins with fundamental properties at the nanoscale and then goes well beyond into the practical aspects of the design, synthesis, and use of nanomaterials in various industries. It emphasizes the vast strides made in the field over the past decade – the chapters focus on new, promising directions as well as emerging theoretical and experimental methods. The contents incorporate experimental data and graphs where appropriate, as well as supporting tables and figures with a tutorial approach.


1. Theoretical Atto-Nano Physics 2. The de Broglie Wave-Nature of Molecules, Clusters & Nanoparticles  3. Electromagnetic Nanonetworks  4. Nanoscale Energy Transport  5. Coulomb Effects and Exotic Charge Transport in Nanostructured Materials 6. Spin-Dependent Thermoelectric Currents in Nanostructures (Tunnel Junctions, Thin Films, Small Rings and Quantum Dots)  7. Joule Heat Generation by Electric Current in Nanostructures  8. Quantum Transport Simulation of Nanosystems: An Introduction to the Green's Function Approach  9. Transient Quantum Transport in Nanostructures 10. Thermal Transport in Nanofilms  11. Thermal Transport and Phonon Coherence in Phononic Nanostructures  12. Quantum Chaotic Systems and Random Matrix Theory  13. Topological Constraint Theory and Rigidity of Glasses  14. Topological Descriptors of Carbon Nanostructures  15. Numerical Methods for Large-Scale Electronic State Calculations on Supercomputer  16. Atomistic Simulation of Disordered Nanoelectronics  17. Ab Initio Simulations of Carboxylated Nanomaterials 18. Phase Behavior of Atomic and Molecular Nanosystems  19. Exact Solutions in the Density Functional Theory (DFT) and Time-Dependent DFT of Mesoscopic Systems 20. Molecular Simulation of Porous Graphene 21. Metallic Nanoglases Investigated by Molecular Dynamics Simulations -