This up-to-date reference is the most comprehensive summary of the field of nanoscience and its applications. It begins with fundamental properties at the nanoscale and then goes well beyond into the practical aspects of the design, synthesis, and use of nanomaterials in various industries. It emphasizes the vast strides made in the field over the past decade – the chapters focus on new, promising directions as well as emerging theoretical and experimental methods. The contents incorporate experimental data and graphs where appropriate, as well as supporting tables and figures with a tutorial approach.

chapter 5

Upconversion Nanoparticles

Design Strategies for Their Synthesis and Fabrication of Their Surface Chemistry

chapter 17

Radio Frequency Magnetron-Sputtered Germanium Nanoislands

Comprehensive Investigations of Growth Parameters

chapter 19

Nanoscale Electrocrystallization

Eco-Friendly and Site-Selective Nanofabrication of Organic Nanocrystals Based on Electrochemistry