Understanding the mechanisms associated with metal complexes and the sequestering metal contaminants in the environment is essential for effective remediation. Heavy Metal Release in Soils describes and quantifies desorption/release kinetics and dissolution reactions in the release of heavy metals from soil.
The book focuses on:
New techniques - microscopic surface techniques, NMR and electrophoresis, XAFS, SFM, and time-resolved ATR-FTIR
Theoretical analysis and kinetic approaches - adsorption/desorption hysteresis, competitive sorption and transport, multi-component models, speciation kinetics, isotherms and soil and metal parameters, and the role of soil properties on transport
Applications - arsenic speciation and mobility in contaminated soils, modeling activity of CD, Zn, and Cu in contaminated soils, and in situ chemical immobilization
A timely addition to the literature, this book highlights the desorption/release mechanisms for the purpose of resolving remediation dilemmas in contaminated environments. It gives you the added advantage of case studies at both the microscopic and macroscopic scales, and provides both experimental and numerical investigations. With contributions from an international panel of authors, Heavy Metals Release in Soils fills a gap in the current literature concerned with subsurface contaminant fate and transport processes.

Sorption and Release of Heavy Metals in Soils: Nonlinear Kinetics, H.M. Selim and M.C. Amacher
Anion and Cation Transport in Zeolitized Tuffs from the Nevada Test Site: Effects of Ion Type, pH, and Ionic Strength, C. Papelis and W. Um
Modeling Competitive Sorption and Release of Heavy Metals in Soils, R. Kretzschmar and A. Voegelin
Heavy Metal Solubility and Transport in Soil Contaminated by Mining and Smelting, S.L. McGowen and NT. Basta
Phase Plane Analysis and Dynamical System Approaches to the Study of Metal Sorption in Soils, S.F. Oppenheimer, W.L. Kingery, and F.X. Han
Kinetic Study of Trace Metal EDTA-Desorption from Contaminated Soils, A. Bermond and J.P. Ghestem
Soil Properties Controlling Metal Partitioning, C.A. Impellitteri, H.E. Allen, Y. Yin, S-J You, and J.K. Saxe
Understanding Sulfate Adsorption Mechanisms on Iron (III) Oxides and Hydroxides: Results from ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy, D. Peak, E.J. Elzinga, and D.L. Sparks
Selenium Contamination in Soil: Sorption and Desorption Processes, B. Pezzarossa and G. Petruzzelli
Arsenic Behavior in Contaminated Soils: Mobility and Speciation, V. Matera and I. Le Hécho
Chemical Structures of Soil Organic Matter and Their Interactions with Heavy Metals, W.L. Kingery, A.J. Simpson, and M.H. B. Hayes