Following years of research, the first bored tunnel in soft soil in the Netherlands, the Tweede Heinenoord tunnel, was completed in 1998. Since then, Dutch engineers have increased their knowledge of soft soil tunnelling, with a significant and important part of this research being carried out by GeoDelft, the Dutch National Institute of Geo-Engineering. This book contains the most important publications by GeoDelft on the subject of soft soil tunnelling, focusing on the period from 1992 to the present, it is divided into four main headings: field measurements; grout behaviour; model testing; and numerical analysis. This impressive overview of the progress made in the Netherlands in soft soil tunnelling research over more than a decade is a valuable resource to those working in soft soil tunnelling worldwide.

Part 1: Field Measurements

Introduction to Field Measurements

Monitoring soft soil tunnelling in the Netherlands: an inventory of design aspects

P. van den Berg, K.J. Bakker & J. Rots

Ground deformations due to the boring of the Second Heinenoord Tunnel

E.P. van Jaarsveld, J.W. Plekkenpol & C.A. Messemaeckers van de Graaf

ETAC two-component grout field test at Botlek rail tunnel

A. Feddema, M. Möller,W.H. van der Zon &T. Hashimoto

Pore pressures in front of tunnel, measurements, calculations and consequences for

stability of tunnel face

A. Bezuijen, J.P. Pruiksma & H.H. van Meerten

The influence of soil permeability on the properties of a foam mixture in a TBM

A. Bezuijen

Pressure gradients and muck properties at the face of an EPB

A. Bezuijen, J.F.W. Joustra, A.M. Talmon & B. Grote

In-situ frost heave loads in artificially frozen ground for tunnelling

R.H.B. Rijkers, B. Hemmen, N.M. Naaktgeboren & H.Weigl

Monitoring and modelling during tunnel construction

A. Bezuijen &A.M. Talmon

Part 2: Grout Behaviour

Introduction to Grout Behaviour

Modelling the grouting process around a tunnel lining in a geotechnical centrifuge

H.E. Brassinga &A. Bezuijen

Grout pressures around a tunnel lining

A.M. Talmon, L. Aanen, A. Bezuijen &W.H. van der Zon

Field measurements of grout pressures during tunnelling of the Sophia Rail Tunnel

A. Bezuijen, A.M. Talmon, F.J. Kaalberg & R. Plugge

Grout the foundation of a bored tunnel

A. Bezuijen &A.M. Talmon

Simultaneous backfill grouting, pressure development in construction phase & in the long-term

T. Hashimoto, T. Konda, J. Brinkman, A. Feddema &Y. Kano

Grout pressures around a tunnel lining, influence of grout consolidation