Over the last forty years a wide range of surface coatings have been developed to address the surface stability and thermal insulation of materials used in the gas turbine section of aero, industrial and land-based power generation equipment. High Temperature Surface Engineering, the Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference in the Series ‘Engineering the Surfaces’, reviews the surfacing technologies appropriate to oxidation, corrosion and thermal protection. Factors which underpin their choice for any given application are discussed in the proceedings. This highlights the importance of developing representative mechanical and physical test methods to elucidate coating degradation modes as an aid to establishing coating systems with improved engineering performance. During the organisation of the conference and in the compiling of this book we have been privileged to work with many of the leading specialists in the field of High Temperature Surface Engineering and it is our hope that this book will be a valuable reference guide for Engineers and Material Scientists.

chapter |11 pages

An Investigation of the Oxidation Resistance of Platinum Aluminide Coatings Produced by Either High or Low Activity Processes

ByG. Fisher, P. K. Data, J. S. Burnell-Gray, W. Y. Chan, R. Wing

chapter |15 pages

Characterisation of Aluminide Coatings Formed on Nickel-Base Superalloys by Vapour Aluminising

ByA. B. Smith, A. Kempster, J. Smith

chapter |13 pages

Plasma Sprayed Coatings for Improved Corrosion Resistance in Aggressive Sulphur Containing Environments

ByJ. L. Jiménez, D. J. Baxter, J. F. Norton, J. F. Pérez

chapter |18 pages

The Role of Defects on the Mechanical Integrity of Alumina Scales on MA 956

ByV. Guttmann, F. Hukelmann, G. Borchardt

chapter |10 pages

Characterisation of MCrAlY Coatings Sprayed by HVOF and Reactive Plasma Spraying

ByE. Lugscheider, C. Herbst, L. Zhao

chapter |8 pages

EB-PVD Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coatings for Experiments in Space

ByE. Lugscheider, G. Doepper, H. G. Mayer, A. Seidel, W. Dreier

chapter |19 pages

Some Effects of Metallic Substrate Composition on Degradation of Thermal Barrier Coatings

ByI. G. Wright, B. A. Pint, W. Y. Lee, K. B. Alexander, K. Prüssner

chapter |14 pages

The Effect of Platinum on the Growth and Adhesion of α-Al2O3 Scales

ByE. C. Dickey, B. A. Pint, K. B. Alexander, I. G. Wright

chapter |12 pages

The Application of Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy to the Study of Thermal Barrier and Environmental Coatings

ByA. Hoque, J. Higgins, D. Rickerby, J. Cawley, M. Ives

chapter |16 pages

Mechanical Properties of an Air-Plasma-Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coating and its Effects on Hastelloy X Substrates

ByXin-Hai Li, L. Johansson, M. Broddegård, D. Abrahamsson, B. Gudmundsson

chapter |13 pages

Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Tests of Coatings for Turbine Blades

ByYu. A. Tamarin, V. G. Sundyrin, N. G. Bychkov

chapter |11 pages

TMF and LCF of Plasma Sprayed IN738 LC

ByL. Lindé, P. J. Henderson

chapter |12 pages

The Spallation of Porous Oxides from Plasma-Sprayed NiCrAlY Overlay Coatings

ByP. Niranatlumpong, C. B. Ponton, H. E. Evans

chapter |8 pages

Test Methods for Evaluating the Mechanical Properties of Coatings

ByJ. P. Banks, S. Osgerby, S. R. J. Saunders

chapter |4 pages

Properties of Electron Bombardment Assisted EBPVD PYSZ TBCs

ByA. Matthews, S. J. Young, S. J. Dowey, M. Joseph, A. Leyland, G. Fisher, P. K. Datta, J. Burnell-Gray

chapter |7 pages

The Structure of an Interlayer used to Improve the Adhesion of Plasma Sprayed Al2O3 Coatings on to a Steel Substrate

ByJ. M. Guilemany, J. Nutting, J. Portillo, M. Urban