This book discusses the evolution of security and privacy issues and brings related technological tools, techniques, and solutions into one single source.    

The book will take readers on a journey to understanding the security issues and possible solutions involving various threats, attacks, and defense mechanisms, which include IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, lightweight cryptography for blockchain, and data-intensive techniques, and how it can be applied to various applications for general and specific use.    

Graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and those working in this industry will find this book easy to understand and use for security applications and privacy issues.

chapter 2|10 pages

Defense against the Survivability to Network Strategies

ByKanduri Venkata Satya Shiva Subrahmanya Surya Sairam, Shreyas Arunesh, K. Pranava Bhat, K. Sarveswara Rao, K. Annapurna

chapter 3|13 pages

Defense Mechanism to Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Security Systems

ByPati Prasanthi, Gautam Kumar, Anuj Kumar Goel

chapter 4|16 pages

Secure Channel Allocation in Cognitive Radio–Wireless Sensor Networks

ByS. Mangairkarasi, D. Arivudainambi

chapter 5|11 pages

Security Issues in IoT Networks

ByDinesh Kumar Saini, Amna Al-Sdidi

chapter 6|9 pages

IoT Ecosystem Implications to Real-World Security Scenario

ByDinesh Kumar Saini, B. Y. Sandhiyaa

chapter 7|26 pages

Design Principles and Privacy in Cloud Computing

ByMohammad Wazid, Ashok Kumar Das

chapter 8|20 pages

Big Data Analysis on Smart Tools and Techniques

ByJabar H. Yousif, Dinesh Kumar Saini

chapter 9|26 pages

Lightweight Security Protocols for Blockchain Technology

ByJangirala Srinivas, Ashok Kumar Das

chapter 10|14 pages

Privacy and Challenges to Data-Intensive Techniques

ByPati Prasanthi, Gautam Kumar, Sheo Kumar, Mrutunjaya S. Yalawar

chapter 11|13 pages

Dynamic Modeling on Malware and Its Defense in Wireless Computer Network Using Pre-Quarantine

ByYerra Shankar Rao, Hemraj Saini, Ranjita Rath, Tarini Charan Panda

chapter 13|16 pages

Web-Based Smart Agriculture System

ByRachna Jain, Meenu Gupta, Shivam Singh