This book is a detailed reference on biomedical applications using Deep Learning. Because Deep Learning is an important actor shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence, its specific and innovative solutions for both medical and biomedical are very critical. This book provides a recent view of research works on essential, and advanced topics.

The book offers detailed information on the application of Deep Learning for solving biomedical problems. It focuses on different types of data (i.e. raw data, signal-time series, medical images) to enable readers to understand the effectiveness and the potential. It includes topics such as disease diagnosis, image processing perspectives, and even genomics. It takes the reader through different sides of Deep Learning oriented solutions.

The specific and innovative solutions covered in this book for both medical and biomedical applications are critical to scientists, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and educations who are working in the context of the topics.

chapter 1|19 pages

Precision Medicine and Omics in the Context of Deep Learning

ByI. Zafar, M. A. Rather, Q. U. Ain, R. A. Rayan

chapter 2|20 pages

Embryo Grade Prediction for In-Vitro Fertilization

ByPanca Dewi Pamungkasari, Kento Uchida, Shota Saito, Filbert H. Juwono, Ita Fauzia Hanoum, Shinichi Shirakawa

chapter 3|21 pages

Biometric Gait Features Analysis Using Deep Learning Approaches

BySumit Hazra, Acharya Aditya Pratap, Anup Nandy

chapter 4|20 pages

Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Brain Images Using 3D Convolution Neural Network

ByS. N. Kumar, Jins Sebastin, H. Ajay Kumar

chapter 5|18 pages

Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Models for Biomedical Image Segmentation

ByT. K. Saj Sachin, V. Sowmya, K. P. Soman

chapter 6|19 pages

Deep Learning for Ophthalmological Images

BySafiye Pelin Taş, Sezin Barin, Gür Emre Güraksin

chapter 7|36 pages

Deep Learning vs. Super Pixel Classification for Breast Masses Segmentation

ByMohammed El Amine Bechar, Nesma Settouti, Inês Domingues

chapter 8|24 pages

Deep Learning for Disease Prediction in Public Health

ByKurubaran Ganasegeran

chapter 9|47 pages

Genomics with Deep Learning

ByX. Chen

chapter 10|25 pages

A Review of Deep Learning-Based Methods for Cancer Detection and Classification

ByKusum Lata, Sandeep Saini

chapter 12|13 pages

Deep Learning in Healthcare: A Bibliometric Analysis

BySaid Khalfa Mokhtar Brika, Abdelmageed Algamdi, Adam Musa, Khalil Chergui, Fethia Yahiaoui

chapter 15|14 pages

Transfer Learning for Classification of Brain Tumor

ByPrajoy Podder, Subrato Bharati, Mohammad Atikur Rahman, Utku Kose

chapter 16|17 pages

Comparative Study on Analysis of Medical Images Using Deep Learning Techniques

ByR. S. M. Lakshmi Patibandla, V. Lakshman Narayana, Arepalli Peda Gopi, B. Tarakeswara Rao