Stewarding the Sound uses different perspectives to build awareness of the wealth and fragility of this ecosystem by balancing economic and social needs with conservation. This book, the first ever compilation of the ecological importance of the Sound, demonstrates the cumulative stresses that are now occurring within the Sound and the impact that these stresses are having on the ecosystem. This contributed volume will provide the means of reaching a wide audience to spread awareness of how ecologically important this region is and that it requires a sound management plan so that its ecosystem and the services that ecosystem provides are not compromised.

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages


ByLeah Bendell, P. Gallaugher, S. McKeachie, L. Wood

chapter Chapter 2|14 pages

Some Lessons Learned on Managing Multiple Stressors from Japan and the Pacific

ByMarjo Vierros

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

Baynes Sound as an Important Bird Area

ByRon Ydenberg

chapter Chapter 8|8 pages

Aquaculture in Baynes Sound

ByShelley McKeachie

chapter Chapter 11|6 pages


ByL.I. Bendell, P. Gallaugher, S. McKeachie, L. Wood