Key Features

  • The most comprehensive resource available on the biodiversity of algal species, their industrial production processes and their use for human consumption in food, health and varied applications.
  • Emphasis on basic and applied research, addressing aspects of scale-up for commercial exploitation for the development of novel phytochemicals (phytochemicals from algae).
  • Addresses the underexplored and underutilized potential of chemicals from marine sources for health benefits.
  • Each chapter, written by expert contributors from around the world, includes a Dictionary of Terms, Key Facts, Summary Points, Figures and Tables, as well as up-to-date references.

The second book in this two-volume set explores phycoremedation applications, and the sustainable use of algae for biofuels and other products of economic value. It also looks at aspects such as macro- and micro algal impact on marine ecosystem and remote sensing of algal blooms. The commercial value of chemicals of value to food and health is about $6 billion annually, of which 30 percent relates to micro and macro algal metabolites and products for health food applications. As a whole, the two volumes explore the aspects of diversity of micro and macro algal forms, their traditional uses; their constituents which are of value for food, feed, specialty chemicals, bioactive compounds for novel applications, and bioenergy molecules. Bio-business and the market share of algae-based products are also dealt with, providing global perspectives.

part |36 pages

Phycoremediation Applications

chapter |10 pages

Wastewater Phycoremediation by Microalgae for Sustainable Bioproduct Production

ByNajeeha Mohd. Apandi, Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed, Adel Ali Saeed Al-Gheethi, Amir Hashim Mohd. Kassim

chapter |9 pages

Green Technology Applications for Algal Bloom Control

ByMostafa M. El-Sheekh, Mohamed M. Abdeldaim, Samiha M. Gharib, HalaY. El-Ksassas

chapter |14 pages

Natural Algal Photobioreactors for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

ByD. M. Mahapatra, N. V. Joshi, G. S. Murthy, T. V. Ramachandra

part |72 pages

Algal Biofuels

chapter |12 pages

Opportunities and Challenges in Seaweeds as Feed Stock for Biofuel Production

ByMohammad Javad Hessami, Ambati Ranga Rao, Gokare A. Ravishankar

chapter |12 pages

Biodiesel Production from Microalgal Biomass

Challenges and Perspectives
BySrijoni Banerjee, Debabrata Das

chapter |13 pages

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration by Microalgae

ByG.V. Swarnalatha, Ajam Shekh, P.V. Sijil, C.K. Madhubalaji, Vikas Singh Chauhan, Ravi Sarada

chapter |13 pages

Modulation of Lipid Biosynthesis by Stress in Diatoms

ByBing Huang, Virginie Mimouni, Annick Morant-Manceau, Justine Marchand, Lionel Ulmann, Benoit Schoefs

chapter |9 pages

Microalgal Biomass, Lipids, and Fatty Acids Production through Open or Closed Cultivation Systems

Challenges and Future Perspectives
ByAmbati Ranga Rao, Gokare A. Ravishankar

chapter |8 pages

Microalgae for Sustainable Fuel Technology

Coupling Photobioreactor and Bioelectrochemical System for Microalgae Cultivation and Hydrogen Generation
BySurajbhan Sevda, Dipak A. Jadhav, S.P. Jeevan Kumar, T.R. Sreekrishnan

part |68 pages

Other Products of Economic Value

chapter |11 pages

Seaweed as Source of Plant Growth Promoters and Bio-Fertilizers

An Overview
BySananda Mondal, Debasish Panda

chapter |9 pages


A Nutraceutical Supplement in Aquaculture
ByHelena M. Amaro, I. Sousa Pinto, A. Catarina Guedes

chapter |11 pages

Techno-Economic Analysis of Multiple Scenarios for the Production of Microalgal Chemicals and Polymers

ByGiannis Penloglou, Costas Kiparissides

chapter |9 pages

Kappaphycus Farming for Socio-Economic Development of Coastal People in India

ByP.V. Subba Rao, C. Periyasamy

chapter |22 pages

Diversity and Utilization of Marine Cyanobacteria

ByN. Thajuddin, G. Subramanian

part |74 pages

Mass Production of Microalgae

chapter |23 pages

Open Cultivation Systems and Closed Photobioreactors for Microalgal Cultivation and Biomass Production

ByC.K. Madhubalaji, Ajam Shekh, P.V. Sijil, Sandeep Mudliar, Vikas Singh Chauhan, Ravi Sarada, Ambati Ranga Rao, Gokare A. Ravishankar

chapter |1 pages


ByGokare A. Ravishankar, Ranga Rao Ambati

chapter |8 pages

Bioprocessing of Microalgae for the Production of Value Compounds

ByGiorgos Markou, Christina Ν. Economou, Imene Chentir

chapter |10 pages

Production of Low-Cost EPA-Enriched Biomass with a Focus on the Filamentous Algal Strain Tribonema spp.

ByXuemei Bai, Hong Wu, Yu Chen, Hui ling Wang, Lin Wang, Jinfeng Geng, Zhongzhen Cai, Jinyang Zhang, Qing Li, Jie Teng, Qian Feng, Jiantao Luo, Fangwei Liu, Min Xu, Zhenqi Zhu

chapter |10 pages

New Strategies for the Design and Control of Raceway Reactors to Optimize Microalgae Production

ByMarta Barceló Villalobos, Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández, Jose Luis Guzmán, Jose María Fernández Sevilla, Manuel Berenguel

chapter |9 pages

Sustainable Water and Nutrient Management in Algal Biomass Production Systems

ByDaniel P. Geller, Keshav C. Das, Gary L. Hawkins, Brian H. Kiepper, Manjinder Singh

chapter |10 pages

Technologies for Separation and Drying of Algal Biomass for Varied Applications

ByJulio Cesar de Carvalho, Eduardo Bittencourt Sydney, Paulo Cesar de Souza Kirnev, Adriane Bianchi Pedroni Medeiros, Carlos Ricardo Soccol

part |36 pages

Production of Algal Biomass and Products Worldwide

chapter |13 pages

Micro- and Macroalgae Production in Thailand for Food, Feed and Other Applications

Current Trends and Future Challenges
ByApiradee Hongsthong, Ratana Chaiklahan, Boosya Bunnag

chapter |12 pages

Global Microalgal-Based Products for Industrial Applications

ByAmbati Ranga Rao, Gokare A. Ravishankar

chapter |8 pages

Macro and Micro Algal Impact on Marine Ecosystem

A Global Perspective
BySarban Sengupta, Ruma Pal