Designing an Innovative Pedagogy for Sustainable Development in Higher Education

This book develops a "green pedagogy" and an innovation mindset in higher education by using approaches based on innovative design thinking, arts-based practices, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. New pedagogical methods and educational solutions are developed throughout this book to offer pedagogical support to both students and university/college-level instructors.

This book leads students as well as their instructors, through an artful and experimental way of thinking and doing, to take the ownership of the co-creation process. This is the basis for increasing social responsibility, motivation and commitment, and fostering creativity and innovation.

An educational toolkit, including human-centric design methods, digital tools, creative and arts-based practices, innovation-related skills, and nascent and social entrepreneurship competencies, is provided for higher education instructors. This method kit will help instructors support students in the process of creating new knowledge for addressing real-world problems and enhance their societal involvement, foster entrepreneurial spirit, and reach opportunities for a sustainable future.


  • Discusses arts-based education and entrepreneurship-based skills.
  • Presents digital transformation and innovation-related skills for sustainable development.
  • Proposes an experimental culture of thinking and doing.
  • Provides agile and collaborative development methodology.
  • Leads students to be much more creative and innovative.
  • Offers a method kit for instructors to respond to 21st-century requirements in the field of higher education.

chapter 2|18 pages

Sustainable Development in Higher Education

A Constructivist Conceptual Framework for Smart Learning and Education

chapter 4|20 pages

“I Can Be the Beginning of What I Want to See in the World”

Outcomes of a Drama Workshop on Sustainability in Teacher Education

chapter 5|15 pages

Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Higher Education

The Long-Run Effect in Sustainable Development

chapter 7|16 pages

Education in Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

A Case Study in Teacher Education at the University of Athens, Greece