The discovery of enzymes as biocatalysts has led to various biotechnological developments. The capability of enzymes to catalyse various chemical reactions both in vivo and in vitro has led them to applications in various industries, such as food, feed, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, detergent, textile, paper, leather, and fine chemical industries. Microbial Fermentation and Enzyme Technology mainly focuses on production and application of enzymes in various industries. Further, it also discusses recent developments in enzyme engineering particularly those involved in creating and improving product formations through enzyme and fermentation technology.

Salient features:

Includes current research and developments in the area of microbial aspects in different fields like food, chemicals, pharmaceutical, bioprocess, etc.

Discusses various enzymes that are used in refinement of environmental pollutions and its application in different industrial sectors

Focuses on production and application of enzymes in various industries

Highlights recent developments in enzyme engineering with respect to its application in textile, pharmaceutical, nanobiotechnology, bioremediation and many other related fields.

chapter 1|11 pages

Introduction of Fermentation and Enzyme Science

ByMonika Choudhary, Sunanda Joshi, Nidhi Srivastava

chapter 2|27 pages


An Overview on Molecular Structure and Biotechnological Perspectives
BySaptadip Samanta

chapter 3|20 pages

Study of α-Amylase Based on their Compositional Parameters of Its Gene Along with Its Protein Structure

BySunil Kanti Mondal, Satadruta Das, Madhab Kumar Sen

chapter 4|11 pages

Microbial Enzymes in Food Industry

Types and Applications
ByG. Singhal, S.S. Bhagyawant, Nidhi Srivastava

chapter 5|12 pages

Fermented Foods for Health

Processes and Prospects
BySudip Some, Amit Kumar Mandal

chapter 6|13 pages

Advances in Enzymatic Applications in Food Industry

ByKashif Ameer, Protiva Rani Das, Jong-Bang Eun

chapter 7|15 pages

Role of Enzymes in Development of Functional Foods and Food Products

ByProtiva Rani Das, Kashif Ameer, Jong-Bang Eun

chapter 8|13 pages

Application of Immobilized Cells and Enzymes in the Food Industry

ByJudit Krisch, Erika Beáta Kerekes, Miklós Takó, Csaba Vágvölgyi

chapter 9|17 pages


A Microbial Enzyme with Wide Industrial Applications
ByJagan Mohan Rao Tingirikari, Shadab Ahmed

chapter 10|18 pages

Trends in Biosensors and Role of Enzymes as Their Sensing Element for Healthcare Applications

ByTathagata Adhikary, Amalesh Nanda, K. Thangapandi, Shantonu Roy, Saikat Kumar Jana

chapter 11|10 pages

Application of Bile Salt Hydrolase Enzyme in Cholesterol Lowering

ByKriti Ghatani

chapter 12|19 pages

Fermentative and Enzyme-Assisted Production of Phenolic Antioxidants from Plant Residues

ByMiklós Takó, Carolina Zambrano, Alexandra Kotogán, Erika Beáta Kerekes, Tamás Papp, Judit Krisch, Csaba Vágvölgyi

chapter 13|11 pages

Relevance of Microbial Enzymes in Textile Industries Emphasizing Metabolic Engineering Panorama

ByDipankar Ghosh, Priyanka Talukdar

chapter 14|19 pages

Microbial Degradation of Organophosphate Pesticides

A Review
BySangeeta Raut

chapter 15|30 pages

Microbial Production of Xylitol

A Cost-Effective Approach
ByYogita Lugani, Balwinder Singh Sooch, Vinita Dheeran, Sachin Kumar

chapter 16|12 pages


Key Role in the Conversion of Waste to Bioethanol
ByAbhijeet Thakur, Kedar Sharma, Kaustubh C. Khaire, Vijay S. Moholkar, Arun Goyal

chapter 17|14 pages

Microbial Laccase

A Vanguard Biocatalyst and Its Potentiality towards Industrial Applications
ByPriyanka Ghosh, Uma Ghosh

chapter 18|16 pages

Biofuel Cellulases

Diversity, Distribution and Industrial Outlook
ByLavika Jain, Deepti Agrawal

chapter 20|15 pages

Agrowaste to Ethanol

Orchestrated by Enzymes from Microbes
ByModhurima Chakraborti, Krishnendu Acharya