This book explores the enormous diversity in social perspectives on the emergence of nanoscale sciences and technologies. It points to four nodes of interest where nano meets macro: in the making, in the public eye, in the big questions, and in the tough decisions. Each node draws attention to important lines of research and pertinent issues. The book is designed for interdisciplinary teaching, but the richness of issues and perspectives makes it of interest to all researchers, practitioners, and non-academics wanting an introduction to social perspectives on nanoscale sciences and technologies.

chapter |22 pages


part |62 pages

Nano Meets Macro: In the Making

part |5 pages

Nano Meets Macro: In the Public Eye

part |5 pages

Nano Meets Macro: In the Big Questions

chapter Chapter 12|24 pages

Enhancing Material Nature

chapter Chapter 14|8 pages

It’s Perfect and I Want to Leave

chapter |2 pages

The Metamorphosis of Forms

chapter |2 pages

The Crucifixion of Nemesis

chapter |2 pages


part |34 pages

Nano Meets Macro: In the Tough Decisions

chapter Chapter 17|28 pages

Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture

chapter Chapter 21|7 pages

Moving In

chapter |2 pages


chapter |2 pages