This book comprehensively addresses advanced nanofiber manufacturing based on electrospinning technology. The principles, relationships between process parameters and structure, morphology and performance of electrospun nanofibers and nanomaterials, and the methods for enhanced field intensity and uniform distribution are discussed. The electric field intensity and distribution during electrospinning is also analyzed based on finite element analysis on both the needle and the needleless electrospinning. Furthermore, the modification techniques for improved nanomaterials strength are covered, aiming to provide effective avenues towards the manufacture of stronger nanofiber or nanomaterial products.

chapter Chapter 1|21 pages

Introduction to Electrospinning Technology

ByGuangdi Nie, Xiaofeng Lu, Ce Wang

chapter Chapter 2|30 pages

Theories and Principles behind Electrospinning

ByYichun Ding, Wenhui Xu, Tao Xu, Zhengtao Zhu, Hao Fong

chapter Chapter 3|30 pages

Raw Materials and Solution Preparation for Electrospinning

ByKai Pan, Yangxiu Liu, Qiutong Wang

chapter Chapter 4|30 pages

Guiding Parameters for Electrospinning Process

ByJing Yan, Weimin Kang, Bowen Cheng

chapter Chapter 5|67 pages

Theoretical Simulation of Electrospinning Process:

Magnitude, Distribution and Improvement of Electric Field Intensity during Electrospinning
ByYanbo Liu, Yong Liu, Wenxiu Yang, Jian Liu, Daxiang Yang

chapter Chapter 6|67 pages

Morphology and Structure of Electrospun Nanofibrous Materials

ByZhaoling Li, Miaomiao Zhu, Ibrahim Abdalla, Jianyong Yu, Bin Ding

chapter Chapter 7|31 pages

Improvement on Mechanical Property of Electrospun Nanofibers, Their Yarns, and Materials

ByShaohua Jiang, Xiaojian Liao, Haoqing Hou

chapter Chapter 8|40 pages

Functionalization of Electrospun Nanofibrous Materials

ByWei Wang, Zhigao Zhu, Qiao Wang, Ruisha Shi

chapter Chapter 9|61 pages

Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers

ByYun-Ze Long, Xiao-Xiong Wang, Jun Zhang, Xu Yan, Hong-Di Zhang

chapter Chapter 10|25 pages

Mass Production and Issues in Electrospinning Technology

ByYun-Ze Long, Xiao-Xiong Wang, Miao Yu, Xu Yan