The only combined organic photochemistry and photobiology handbookAs spectroscopic, synthetic and biological tools become more and more sophisticated, photochemistry and photobiology are merging-making interdisciplinary research essential. Following in the footsteps of its bestselling predecessors, the CRC Handbook of Organic Photochemistry and Pho

chapter 1|19 pages

Industrial Photochemistry

ByAndré M. Braun, Günther H. Peschl, Esther Oliveros

chapter 2|28 pages

Excilamp Photochemistry

Byomas Oppenländer

chapter 3|24 pages

Microphotochemistry: Photochemical Synthesis in Microstructured Flow Reactors

ByOksana Shvydkiv, Michael Oelgemöller

chapter 4|21 pages

Photolabile Protecting Groups in Organic Synthesis

ByChristian G. Bochet, Aurélien Blanc

chapter 5|30 pages

Photochemical Key Steps in Organic Synthesis

ByNorbert Ho†mann

chapter 6|52 pages


ByCheng Yang, Yoshihisa Inoue

chapter 7|23 pages

Enantioselective Photoreactions in Solution

ByKerrie A.B. Austin and orsten Bach

chapter 9|23 pages

Photochemistry in Ecosustainable Syntheses: Recent Advances

ByValentina Dichiarante, Stefano Protti

chapter 11|27 pages

Photochemistry in Alternative Media

ByTadashi Mori, Yoshihisa Inoue

chapter 12|15 pages

Cryogenic Matrix Photochemistry

ByGÖtz Bucher

chapter 13|36 pages

Preparative and Mechanistic Semiconductor Photocatalysis

ByHorst Kisch, Dariusz Mitoraj

chapter 14|17 pages

Radical Photochemistry

ByUta Wille

chapter 15|22 pages

Recent Advances in the Photoinduced Radical Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions

ByMaria E. Budén, Sandra E. Martín, Roberto A. Rossi

chapter 16|23 pages

Photochemistry of Aryl Halides

ByLuca Pretali, Angelo Albini

chapter 17|25 pages

Photochemistry of Phosphate and Sulfonate Esters

ByDavide Ravelli, Maurizio Fagnoni

chapter 18|25 pages

Stabilized Carbocations Generated by Photoheterolysis

ByHans-Werner Abraham

chapter 20|21 pages

Inter- and Intramolecular Photocycloaddition of Aromatic Compounds

ByHajime Maeda, Kazuhiko Mizuno

chapter 21|15 pages

Di-π-Methane Rearrangement

ByHoward E. Zimmerman

chapter 22|22 pages

Oxa-Di-π-Methane Rearrangement of β,γ-Unsaturated Ketones

ByV. Jayathirtha Rao, Kolupula Srinivas

chapter 23|44 pages

Photochemical Bergman Cyclization and Related Photoreactions of Enediynes

ByIgor V. Alabugin, Wang-Yong Yang, Runa Pal

chapter 24|13 pages

Scope and Limitations of Hula-Twist Mechanism of Photoisomerization

ByRobert S.H. Liu, Yao-Peng Zhao, and Lan-Ying Yang

chapter 25|20 pages


ByKarola Rück-Braun, Kerstin Mayer, Andreas Hebert, Fabian Michalik

chapter 26|26 pages

Photoenolization and Its Applications

ByPetr Klán, Jakob Wirz, Anna D. Gudmundsdottir

chapter 27|29 pages

Paternò–Büchi Reaction

ByMaurizio D’Auria

chapter 28|32 pages

Quinone Photochemistry

ByHelmut Görner

chapter 29|12 pages

Photodecarboxylation of Arylacetic Acids

ByMatthew Lukeman

chapter 30|38 pages

Photooxygenation, [2+2] and [4+2]

ByMaria Rosaria Iesce, Flavio Cermola

chapter 31|23 pages

Singlet Oxygen-Mediated Allylic Oxidation

ByMariza N. Alberti, Michael Orfanopoulos

chapter 32|20 pages

Photooxygenations of Sulfur Compounds

ByEdward L. Clennan

chapter 33|21 pages

Porphycenes: Spectroscopy, Photophysics, and Tautomerism

ByJacek Waluk

chapter 34|49 pages

Photochemical Transformations Involving Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines

ByNatalia N. Sergeeva, Mathias O. Senge

chapter 35|30 pages

Photochemical Routes for Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis

ByKatherine L. McGilvray and J.C. Scaiano

chapter 36|23 pages

Photocatalytic Water Splitting

ByJunwang Tang, Alexander J. Cowan

chapter 37|28 pages

Overview of the Development of Integrated Photocatalytic Adsorbents (IPCAs) for Water Treatment Using Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Activated Carbon

ByDavid Keane, Kieran Nolan, Anne Morrissey, Michael Oelgemöller, Shaik Basha, and John Tobin

chapter 38|18 pages

Molecular Logic Based on Optical Signaling

ByUwe Pischel, Joakim Andréasson

chapter 39|21 pages

Application of Photophysics to the Study of Supramolecular Dynamics

ByTamara C.S. Pace and Cornelia Bohne

chapter 40|26 pages

Photostability of Drugs and Drug Products

ByBeverley Glass

chapter 41|28 pages

Computational Photochemistry and Photobiology

ByPatrick Z. El-Khoury, Igor Schapiro, Mark Huntress, Federico Melaccio, Samer Gozem, Luis Manuel Frutos, and Massimo Olivucci

chapter 42|23 pages

DNA Fluorescence

ByDimitra Markovitsi, omas Gustavsson, and Akos Banyasz

chapter 43|11 pages

Action Spectroscopy: General Problems

ByEdward D. Lipson

chapter 44|11 pages

Action Spectroscopy: Ultraviolet Radiation

Byomas P. Coohill and Francesco Ghetti

chapter 45|11 pages

Photosensitization: Basic Principles

ByGiulio Jori

chapter 46|19 pages

Photoecology and Environmental Photobiology

ByDonat-P. Häder

chapter 47|23 pages

Photoactive Yellow Protein, the Prototype Xanthopsin

ByJohnny Hendriks, Marijke Hospes, Klaas J. Hellingwerf

chapter 48|12 pages

Photomovements in Eukaryotic Microorganisms

ByGiovanni Checcucci, Francesco Ghetti

chapter 49|21 pages

Transport and Sensory Rhodopsins in Microorganisms

ByYuki Sudo

chapter 50|16 pages

Nonvisual Photosensitivity and Circadian Vision

ByCarlo Musio, Silvia Santillo

chapter 52|12 pages

Phytochrome: Molecular Mechanisms for Light Signaling in Plants

ByJeong-Il Kim, Yun-Jeong Han, Pill-Soon Song

chapter 53|28 pages

Blue Light Regulation in Plants and Microorganisms

ByAba Losi, Wolfgang Gärtner

chapter 54|23 pages


ByVadim R. Viviani

chapter 55|36 pages

Artificial Photosynthetic Systems

ByPéter Maróti, Massimo Trotta

chapter 56|24 pages

Fluorescent Proteins: Structural Determinants of Optical Response

ByRanieri Bizzarri, Riccardo Nifosì

chapter 57|44 pages

Formation and Repair of UV-Induced DNA Damage

Byierry Douki

chapter 58|42 pages

The Biology of UVA Radiation

ByRex M. Tyrrell, Evelyne Sage

chapter 59|14 pages

Ultraviolet Radiation and Vitamin D

ByLesley E. Rhodes, Ann R. Webb

chapter 60|14 pages

Endogenous Antioxidant Photoprotection and Its Enhancement in Human Skin

ByMaryam Afshar, Antony R. Young

chapter 61|11 pages

Acute and Chronic Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation, Visible Light, and Infrared

BySaroj M. Verma, Gillian M. Murphy

chapter 62|14 pages

Phototherapy and Photochemotherapy in Dermatology

ByPiergiacomo Calzavara-Pinton, Mariachiara Arisi, Bernhard Ortel, and Mariateresa Rossi

chapter 63|22 pages


ByVivienne E. Reeve

chapter 64|18 pages

Photodynamic Therapy

ByClare Conway, Stanley B. Brown

chapter 65|12 pages

Photodynamic Drug Delivery

ByJulie Tzu-Wen Wang, Josephine H. Woodhams, Alexander J. MacRobert, Stephen G. Bown, and Kristian Berg

chapter 66|15 pages

Phototoxicity of Drugs

ByVirginie Lhiaubet-Vallet, Miguel Angel Miranda

chapter 67|14 pages

Photodynamic Approaches to Water Disinfection

ByMichela Magaraggia, Giulio Jori