The Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry is a one-stop resource treating the two main areas of solid state electrochemistry: electrochemical properties of solids such as oxides, halides, and cation conductors; and electrochemical kinetics and mechanisms of reactions occurring on solid electrolytes, including gas-phase electrocatalysis. The fund

chapter Chapter 1|8 pages


ByHenny J. M. Bouwmeester, Paul J. Gellings

chapter 2|64 pages

Principles of Electrochemistry

ByHeinz Gerischer

chapter Chapter 3|45 pages

Solid State Background

ByIsaac Abrahams, Peter G. Bruce

chapter Chapter 4|40 pages

Interface Electrical Phenomena in Ionic Solids

ByJanusz Nowotny

chapter Chapter 5|34 pages

Defect Chemistry in Solid State Electrochemistry

ByJoop Schoonman

chapter Chapter 6|27 pages

Survey of Types of Solid Electrolytes

ByTetsuichi Kudo

chapter Chapter 7|46 pages

Electrochemistry of Mixed Ionic–Electronic Conductors

ByIlan Riess

chapter |26 pages


ByIlan Riess, Joop Schoonman

chapter Chapter 9|33 pages

Principles of Main Experimental Methods

ByWerner Weppner

chapter Chapter 10|41 pages

Electrochemical Sensors

ByPierre Fabry, Elisabeth Siebert

chapter Chapter 11|36 pages

Solid State Batteries

ByChristian Julien

chapter Chapter 12|38 pages

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

ByAbdelkader Hammou, Jacques Guindet

chapter Chapter 13|36 pages

Electrocatalysis and Electrochemical Reactors

ByConstantinos G. Vayenas, Symeon I. Bebelis, I.V. Yentekakis, S.N. Neophytides

chapter |73 pages

Dense Ceramic Membranes for Oxygen Separation

ByHenny J.M. Bouwmeester, Anthonie J. Burggraaf

chapter Chapter 15|31 pages

Corrosion Studies

ByHans de Wit, Thijs Fransen

chapter Chapter 16|29 pages

Electrochromism And Electrochromic Devices

ByClaes G. Granqvist