Invertebrate Zoology: A Tree of Life Approach is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook adopting an explicitly phylogenetic organization. Most of the classical anatomical and morphological work has not been changed – it established the foundation of Invertebrate Zoology. With the explosion of Next-Generation Sequencing approaches, there has been a sea-change in the recognized phylogenetic relationships among and between invertebrate lineages. In addition, the merger of evolutionary and developmental biology (evo-devo) has dramatically contributed to changes in the understanding of invertebrate biology. Synthesizing these three approaches (classical morphology, sequencing data, and evo-devo studies) offers students an entirely unique perspective of invertebrate diversity.

Key Features

  • One of the first textbooks to combine classical morphological approaches and newer evo-devo and Next-Generation Sequencing approaches to address Invertebrate Zoology
  • Organized along taxonomic lines in accord with the latest understanding of invertebrate phylogeny
  • Will provide background in basic systematic analysis useful within any study of biodiversity
  • A wealth of ancillary materials for students and teachers, including downloadable figures, lecture slides, web links, and phylogenetic data matrices

chapter Prologue|8 pages

Introduction: Setting the Stage for a Rational Treatment of Invertebrate Animals

ByBernd Schierwater, Rob DeSalle

chapter Chapter1|18 pages

Invertebrates And Information

ByRob DeSalle, Bernd Schierwater

chapter Chapter2|18 pages

The Basics of Phylogenetics

ByRob DeSalle, Heike Hadrys, Bernd Schierwater

chapter Chapter3|20 pages

Invertebrate Phylogenomics

ByRob DeSalle, Wiebke Feindt, Bernd Schierwater

chapter Chapter4|16 pages

Modern Invertebrate Systematics

The Phylogenetics of Early Metazoa
ByJohannes S. Neumann, Michael Tessler, Rob DeSalle, Bernd Schierwater

chapter Chapter5|12 pages

Organizing Invertebrates

ByBernd Schierwater, Rob DeSalle

part Higher Taxa 1|54 pages

Introduction to the Invertebrate Tree of Life

chapter Chapter6|12 pages

The Closest Unicellular Relatives of Animals

ByMichelle M. Leger, Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo

chapter Chapter7|14 pages

Phylum Placozoa

ByBernd Schierwater, Kai Kamm, Kathrin Wysocki, Hans-Jürgen Osigus

chapter Chapter8|16 pages

Phylum Porifera

ByMaja Adamska

chapter Chapter9|10 pages

Phylum Ctenophora

ByOtto M. P. Oliveira, Sanna Majaneva

part Higher Taxon 2|68 pages


chapter Chapter10|24 pages

Phylum Cnidaria: Classes Scyphozoa, Cubozoa, And Staurozoa

ByMassimo Avian, Andreja Ramšak

chapter Chapter11|20 pages

Phylum Cnidaria

Class Anthozoa
ByAndrea M. Quattrini, Danielle M. DeLeo, Mercer R. Brugler

chapter Chapter12|12 pages

Phylum Cnidaria:Class Hydrozoa

ByNeil W. Blackstone, Paulyn Cartwright

chapter Chapter13|10 pages

Phylum Cnidaria

Lineage Myxozoa
ByJonathan Foox

part Higher Taxon3|84 pages


chapter Chapter14|12 pages

Phylum Platyhelminthes

ByTeresa Adell, Marta Riutort

chapter Chapter15|22 pages

Phylum Chaetognatha

ByYvan Perez, Carsten H.G. Müller, Steffen Harzsch

chapter Chapter16|12 pages

Phylum Gastrotricha

ByMaria Balsamo, Paolo Grilli

chapter Chapter17|14 pages

Phylum Rotifera

ByDiego Fontaneto, Michael Plewka

chapter Chapter18|20 pages

Phyla Gnathostomulida, Micrognathozoa, And Cycliophora

ByMartin V. Sørensen

part Higher Taxon 4|90 pages


chapter Chapter19|10 pages

Phylum Mollusca

ByGerhard Haszprunar

chapter Chapter20|18 pages

Phylum Annelida

BySebastian Kvist, Alejandro Oceguera-Figueroa

chapter Chapter21|12 pages

Phylum Brachiopoda

ByMasato Hirose, Kazuyoshi Endo

chapter Chapter22|16 pages

Phyla Ectoprocta And Phoronida

ByScott Santagata

chapter Chapter23|12 pages

Phylum Nemertea

ByHiroshi Kajihara

chapter Chapter24|10 pages

Phylum Acanthocephala

ByBahram Sayyaf Dezfuli, Luisa Giari

chapter Chapter25|10 pages

Phylum Entoprocta

ByTohru Iseto, Hiroshi Kajihara

part Higher Taxa5|142 pages

Ecdysozoa and Arthropoda

chapter Chapter26|14 pages

Subphylum Crustacea

ByNicolas Rabet

chapter Chapter27|16 pages

Subphylum Hexapoda

ByRob DeSalle

chapter Chapter28|20 pages

Phylum Arthropodachelicerata

ByShahan Derkarabetian

chapter Chapter29|16 pages

Subphylum Myriapoda

ByJosé D. Gilgado

chapter Chapter30|18 pages

Phylum Onychophora

ByIvo de Sena Oliveira, Georg Mayer

chapter Chapter31|22 pages

Phylum Nematoda

ByKarin Kiontke, Mark Blaxter, David H. A. Fitch

chapter Chapter32|14 pages


ByVladimir Gross, Georg Mayer

chapter Chapter33|8 pages

Minor Ecdysozoan Phyla Nematomorpha, Priapulida, Kinorhyncha, Loricifera

ByAndreas Schmidt-Rhaesa

chapter Chapter34|10 pages

Phylum Xenoturbellida

ByHiroaki Nakano

part Higher Taxon 6|84 pages


chapter Chapter35|30 pages

Phylum Echinodermata

BySabine Stöhr

chapter Chapter36|12 pages

Phylum Hemichordata

ByKenneth M. Halanych

chapter Chapter37|36 pages

Phylum Chordata Topic Invertebrate Chordates

ByLinda Z. Holland

chapter |4 pages


The Serious Student of Invertebrate Zoology
ByBernd Schierwater, Rob DeSalle