This special issue is the first opportunity to introduce the research activities of the Human Interface Society. The first article gives a microworld approach to identify design requirements for better situation awareness. Next, a focus on evaluation of organizational structure in emergency situations from the communication viewpoints is examined,

chapter |2 pages


ByOsamu Katai

chapter |18 pages

Evaluation of Organizational Structure in Emergency Situations From the Viewpoint of Communication

ByShogo Nishida, Takashi Koiso, Mie Nakatani

chapter |18 pages

InterActor: Speech-Driven Embodied Interactive Actor

ByTomio Watanabe, Masashi Okubo, Mutsuhiro Nakashige, Danbara Ryusei

chapter |10 pages

Remote Infrared Audible Signage System

ByTakuro Hatakeyama, Fumio Hagiwara, Hajime Koike, Keiji Ito, Hirohiko Ohkubo, C. Ward Bond, Masao Kasuga

chapter |18 pages

Design of Interactive Skill-Transfer Agent From a Viewpoint of Ecological Psychology

ByTakayuki Shiose, Tetsuo Sawaragi, Akira Nakajima, Hideshi Ishihara

chapter |14 pages

Visualization of Respiration in the Embodied Virtual Communication System and Its Evaluation

ByTomio Watanabe, Masamichi Ogikubo, Yutaka Ishii

chapter |22 pages

Trends in Usability Research and Activities in Japan

ByMasaaki Kurosu, Tadashi Kobayashi, Ryoji Yoshitake, Hideaki Takahashi, Haruhiko Urokohara, Daisuke Sato

chapter |2 pages

Schedule of Events 2004

ByMasaaki Kurosu