This book enhances learning about complex project management principles and practices through the introduction and discussion of a portfolio of tools presented as an evolving toolbox. Throughout the book, industry practitioners examine the toolsets that are part of the toolbox to develop a broader understanding of complex project management challenges and the available tools to address them. This approach establishes a dynamic, structured platform for a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the modern, rapidly changing, multifaceted business environment to teach the next generation of project managers to successfully cope with the ever increasing complexity of the 21st century.

chapter 2|29 pages

Case Studies Toolset

chapter 3|18 pages

Scheduling Toolset

chapter 4|15 pages

Cost Estimation Toolset

chapter 5|18 pages

Human Factors Toolset

chapter 6|20 pages

Leadership Toolset

chapter 13|31 pages

Legal Aspects Toolset

chapter 14|49 pages

Intellectual Property Toolset

chapter 15|26 pages

Systems Thinking Toolset

chapter 21|18 pages

Cyber-Systemic Toolset

chapter 22|25 pages

Systemic Risk Toolset

Another Dimension