Recent developments in computer science, data mining and big data analytics have resulted in new operational frameworks in agriculture, food and the environment, which in fact, share a strong link between them. A key challenge for researchers is to extract new data patterns and utilize them in decision making. Managers, policy makers, and practitioners have to be aware of these methodologies in order to establish efficient and effective working groups for the tasks to be resolved.

The book reviews the complexity of the interrelationship between agriculture, food production and processing, and environmental issues. It also highlights the prospects of modeling in various cases of problem solving in these sectors, and reviews the new and future challenges. Consumer awareness in food production and processing practices is continually increasing and the necessity for advanced behavioural tools follows the same trend. Furthermore, the value chain management challenge is becoming one of the most crucial tasks due to the increased importance of new parameters like the origin of products, its environmental footprint and the enhancement of local production, etc. The book addresses these topics in a holistic approach, merging modeling with advanced marketing practices in a coherent and innovative manner, being an effective tool in a continuously demanding world.