The proceedings of the "Economics and Business Competitiveness International Conference" (EBCICON) provides a selection of papers, either research results or literature reviews, on business transformation in the digital era. Nine major subject areas, comprising accounting and governance, customer relations, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, finance and investment, human capital, industrial revolution 4.0, international issues, and operations and supply chain management are presented in the proceedings. These papers will provide new insights into the knowledge and practice of business and economics in the digital era. Therefore, parties involved in business and economics such as academics, practitioners, business leaders, and others will be interested in the contents of the proceedings.

part |34 pages

Accounting and Governance

chapter |7 pages

The future of accountancy profession in the digital era

ByS. Fettry, T. Anindita, R. Wikansari, K. Sunaryo

chapter |5 pages

The use of earnings and cash flows model in predicting corporate financial distress: Evidence from retail merchandizing enterprises listed in IDX

ByA. Selowidodo, R. Wikansari, B.P. Sutjiatmo, M.S. Kurniawan, A.T. Rachmadi

part |20 pages

Customer Relations

chapter |7 pages

Entrepreneurship and small medium enterprises in ASEAN

ByL. Danil, N. Septina

chapter |3 pages

Service-performance chain: A triangle conceptual model

ByN. Septina, M. Widyarini

part |26 pages


chapter |7 pages

Creativity in capital management by young entrepreneurs in West Java SMEs

ByI. Barlian, E.M. Manurung

chapter |5 pages

Evaluating entrepreneurship ecosystem at different phases of entrepreneurship activity

ByG. Pawitan, C.B. Nawangpalupi, N.T. Tuan

part |10 pages

Environmental Issues

chapter |4 pages

Synergy of green industry with industrial revolution 4.0 in Indonesia

ByD. Prasaja, M.W. Rini, B.D. Yoga, R. Wikansari

part |30 pages

Finance and Investment

chapter |5 pages

Financial literacy and financial behavior among college students

ByV.I. Dewi, I. Balian, I.P. Tanimukti, P.E. Sastrooredjo

part |60 pages

Human Capital

chapter |4 pages

Building organizational commitment of generation Y at workplace: A theoretical perspective

ByR.G. Munthe, A. Aprillia, R. Setiawan

chapter |4 pages

Examining the effect of compensation motivation and work period on employee performance

ByN. Nawiyah, T. Endrawati, M.R. Cili, R.T.H. Parnanto, A. Wahyudin

chapter |4 pages

Organizational strategy in permanence and newness

ByF.H. Ismadi

chapter |5 pages

Influences of social support on job satisfaction and organizational commitment

ByR. Setiawan, R.G. Munthe, A. Aprillia

chapter |6 pages

Safety behaviour of manufacturing companies in Indonesia

ByI. Djastuti, M.S. Perdhana, S.T. Raharjo

part |32 pages

Information System and Technology

chapter |5 pages

Prospects and challenges of virtual reality adoption for destination marketing

ByN. Muna, A.K. Murti, S. Hidayat, K. Soyun, A. Yusriana

chapter |6 pages

An android supply chain application system for automation order processing

ByM.T. Siregar, Z.P. Puar, P. Leonard

chapter |5 pages

Perception analysis on Indonesian university governance disclosure

ByA. Setiawan, D. Tanumihardja, G. Lusanjaya, M. Sylviana, C. Melinda

chapter |6 pages

Boosting global competitiveness in Indonesia: Is Industry 4.0 the answer?

ByK. Gupta, I. Vierke, A. Ibrahim, J. Suwandi, A. Selowidodo

part |14 pages

International Issues

chapter |4 pages

Product competitiveness and international trade inequality on ASEAN countries

ByN. Nawiyah, H. Hasnin, B.P. Sutjiatmo, R. Wikansari, D. Susanti

chapter |4 pages

How Trump’s steel and aluminium tariff shapes future world trade

ByK. Gupta, B.P. Sutjiatmo, M.S. Kurniawan

chapter |4 pages

Can cryptocurrency help business to be more competitive?

ByD.S. Ratana, K. Gupta

part |28 pages

Operation and Supply Chain

chapter |8 pages

Supplier development: Practices and measurement

ByM. Sulungbudi, V. Yanamandram, S. Akter, L. Tam

chapter |6 pages

Structuring Indonesia maritime logistics system through shipping industry, port service provider, and government perspective

ByY. Sunitiyoso, S. Nuraeni, T. Inayati, F. Hadiansyah, I.F. Nurdayat, N.F. Pambudi

chapter |6 pages

Design of decision support system “reverse supply chain management” based on Android

ByI. Dharmayanti, W. Kartika, E.H. Yossy

chapter |6 pages

Developing green manufacturing framework through reverse logistics using system dynamics simulation

ByE. Fatma, D. Jayawati, C.P. Wulandari

part |57 pages

Other Related Issues

chapter |5 pages

A new strategy of SME governance in new Indonesia era: Better or worse?

ByR. Deti, A.V.S. Hubeis, I. Sailah, L.M. Baga

chapter |4 pages

Data analytics in the era of industry 4.0

ByA. Gusnanto

chapter |4 pages

Consumer engagement captured in online endorsement (A case study in hijab endorsement)

ByF. Fatmasari, N. Muna, A.C. Nugroho, Y. Yudani

chapter |4 pages

The level of organizational communication satisfaction and job satisfaction of global customer fulfilment workers

ByI. Sualman, F.H.A. Razak, M.I.S. Hamzah, Y. Darwis

chapter |4 pages

Online luxury and in-store luxury shoppers’ analysis towards luxury goods

ByA. Aprillia, R. Setiawan, R.G. Munthe

chapter |4 pages

The effects of shadow banking on banks’ credit consumers

ByR. Fitriaini, R. Veronica

chapter |5 pages

Perception and self-concept analysis as the basis of making family planning ads for male

ByC.W. Utami, M. Teguh, H.Y. Wono, C. Hongdiyanto