Dentistry is a branch of medicine with its own particularities and very different fields of action, and is generally regarded as an interdisciplinary field. The use of new technologies is currently the main driving force for the series of international conferences on Biodental Engineering (BIODENTAL).

BIODENTAL ENGINEERING V contains the full papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Biodental Engineering (BIODENTAL 2018, Porto, Portugal, 22-23 June 2018). The conference had two workshops, one of them dealing with computational imaging combined with finite element method, the other dealing with bone tissue remodelling models. Additionally, the conference had three special sessions and sixty contributed presentations.

The topics discussed in BIODENTAL ENGINEERING V include:

Biomechanical disorders
Biomedical devices
Computational bio- imaging and visualization
Computational methods
Dental medicine
Experimental mechanics
Signal processing and analysis
Minimally invasive devices and techniques
Prosthesis and orthosis
Software development
Tissue engineering
Virtual reality

The purpose of the series of BIODENTAL Conferences on Biodental Engineering, initiated in 2009, is to perpetuate knowledge on bioengineering applied to dentistry, by promoting a comprehensive forum for discussion on recent advances in related fields in order to identify potential collaboration between researchers and end-users from different sciences.

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