This collection reviews the latest research on dairy cattle genetics and advanced methods of genetic evaluation and selection. The book first assesses the degree of inbreeding and genetic diversity in modern dairy cattle as well as opportunities for crossbreeding. It then goes onto review research on targeting non-production traits such as fertility, feed conversion efficiency and methane emissions as well as resistance to disease. The following chapters in the book then survey the latest techniques and advances in genomic selection (GS) in such areas as functional annotation and use of sequence variants to improve genomic prediction. The book also reviews developments in genetic evaluation (GE), including the use of ssGBLUP and multi-trait across-country evaluation (MACE), and the application of these techniques to breeding progammes.

part Part 1|120 pages

Managing genetic diversity

chapter 1|18 pages

Genetic and phenotypic improvements in temperate dairy systems: an overview

ByAllison Fleming, Tatiane Chud, Luiz Brito, Francesca Malchiodi, Christine Baes, Filippo Miglior

chapter 2|18 pages

Assessing inbreeding and genetic diversity in the Holstein breed using pedigree and genomic approaches

ByChristine Baes, Bayode Makanjuola, Larry Schaeffer

part Part 2|234 pages

Breeding objectives and genetics of new traits

chapter 7|34 pages

Advances in dairy cattle breeding to improve fertility/reproductive efficiency

ByMekonnen Haile-Mariam, Jennie Pryce

chapter 9|38 pages

Improving phenotypic prediction in dairy cattle breeding using the metagenome

ByOscar González-Recio, Alejandro Saborio-Montero, Adrián López-García, Beatriz Delgado and Cristina Óvilo,

chapter 13|24 pages

Advances in dairy cattle breeding to improve heat tolerance

ByThuy T. T. Nguyen

chapter 14|18 pages

Advances in dairy cattle breeding to improve longevity

ByRoel Veerkamp, Mathijs van Pelt

part Part 3|174 pages

Genetic selection and evaluation

chapter 15|26 pages

Developments in genomic predictions in dairy cattle breeding: a historical overview of methods, technologies, and applications

ByLuiz F. Brito, Hinayah R. Oliveira, Fabyano F. Silva, Flavio S. Schenkel

chapter 17|32 pages

Finding causal variants for monogenic traits in dairy cattle breeding

ByMatt Littlejohn, Chad Harland

part Part 4|90 pages

Reproductive technologies and breeding programmes

chapter 21|40 pages

Developments in the use of embryo technologies in dairy cows

ByTrudee Fair, Pat Lonergan

chapter 22|32 pages

The use of gene editing techniques in dairy cattle breeding

ByAlison L. Van Eenennaam, Amy E. Young

chapter 23|16 pages

Development of dairy breeding programmes

ByDidier Boichard