This new book explores the recent issue of cross-cultural management from both theoretical and research perspectives. It considers the impact of knowledge, experience, and exposure of cross-cultural differences in developing a global viewpoint and citizenship in the corporate workplace. The volume throws light on the emerging concepts of building global citizens who are willing to think beyond boundaries of place, identity, and category, and to recognize all human beings as their equals while respecting humanity’s inherent diversity.

The effective use of cross-cultural teams can provide a source of experience and innovative thinking to enhance the competitive position of organizations. However, cultural differences can interfere with the successful completion of goals in today’s multicultural global business community. To achieve project goals and avoid cultural misunderstandings, managers should be culturally sensitive and promote creativity and motivation through flexible leadership. The chapter authors in this volume look at these challenges by reviewing and conducting empirical studies, roundtables, and focus discussions.

The volume tackles a variety of issues, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), talent management, differences in individual work performances, differences in leadership styles, virtual work relationships, and much more. It looks at the challenges in establishing crosscultural workplaces, such as the overcoming significant barriers in multi-cultural project communications and motivating project team members.

chapter Chapter 1|27 pages

Cross-Cultural Management: A Theoretical and Research Perspective

ByArvind K. Birdie

chapter Chapter 2|41 pages

Employees’ Attitude Toward ERP System’s Use in Europe and India: Comparing Two Tam-Based Studies

BySimona Sternad Zabukovšek, Samo Bobek, Tjaša Štrukelj

chapter Chapter 3|26 pages

Talent Management in Evolving Global Businesses: A Cross-Cultural Context

ByNavdeep Kaur Kular

chapter Chapter 4|29 pages

Difference between Individual Work Performances in Researched Countries

ByŽiva Veingerl Čic, Samo Bobek, Simona Šarotar Žižek

chapter Chapter 5|23 pages

Evolving Consumer Choices Across Cultures

ByPriya Vij, P. P. Arya

chapter Chapter 7|35 pages

Becoming Virtually Skilled: All About Working in Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams

ByRoopam Sachdeva

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Understanding and Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

BySakshi Kaul

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

Crossing Borders with Content Marketing

ByPriyanka Singh