First published in 1983: This handbook provides an overview of different biological agents and important toxins that may cause diseases on ingestion with food or water.

part |275 pages

Foodborne Toxins

chapter |22 pages

Viruses of Vertebrates: Thermal Resistance

ByEdward P. Larkin

chapter |31 pages

Microbial Food Toxicants: Clostridium Botulinum Toxins

ByBibhuti R. DasGupta

chapter |110 pages

Microbial Food and Feed Toxicants: Fungal Toxins

ByAlex Ciegler, Ronald F. Vesonder

chapter |13 pages

Microbial Food Toxicants: Rubratoxins

ByM. O. Moss

chapter |12 pages


ByYoshio Ueno

chapter |46 pages

Microbial Food Toxicants: Ochratoxins

ByJ. Harwig, T. Kuiper-Goodman, P. M. Scott

chapter |7 pages

Acute and Chronic Biological Effect of Trichothecene Toxins

ByMamoru Saito

chapter |13 pages

Food Contaminants: Enteric Pathogens in Shellfish

ByRudolph Di Girolamo

chapter |5 pages

Algal Toxins

ByNancy H. Shoptaugh, Edward J. Schantz

part |223 pages

Foodborne Diseases

chapter |16 pages

Foodborne Diseases: Viral Infections

ByDean O. Cliver

chapter |12 pages

Clostridium Perfringens Food Poisoning

ByBetty C. Hobbs

chapter |10 pages

Foodborne Diseases Due to Vibrio Cholerae

ByD. Barua

chapter |6 pages

Foodborne Diseases: Brucellosis

ByRobert I. Wise

chapter |29 pages

Foodborne Diseases: Aflatoxicosis

ByD. S. P. Patterson

chapter |143 pages

Foodborne Diseases: Alimentary Toxic Aleukia

ByAbraham Z. Joffe

chapter |3 pages

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning

ByEdward J. Schantz