The book provides an overview of climate change-sensitive water resources management with consideration of adaptation approaches, the assessment of climate change impacts, current contemporary management techniques, and ecological responses. Comprehensive assessments and studies from eight countries using innovative approaches that aid water management under evolving climates are documented. Topics ranging from hydrologic design to management and policy responses to climate change are discussed, which demonstrate updated theories that highlight methods, tools, and experiences on the topic of water resources under climate change. The generic approaches discussed, and their applications to different climate change-related problems, make this book appealing to a global readership. The practical and applied methodologies presented in the book and through insightful case studies discussed will provide readers worldwide with ready-to-use information to manage water resources sustainably under evolving climate. This book is ideally suited for water resource managers, scientists, professionals from water management agencies, graduate students, and national laboratory agencies responsible for water and environmental management.

chapter Chapter 1|3 pages

Water resources management under changing climate

Major issues
ByRamesh S. V. Teegavarapu, Elpida Kolokytha, Carlos de Oliveira Galvão

chapter Chapter 2|21 pages

WRM and EU policies to adapt to climate change

Experience from Greece
ByElpida Kolokytha, Charalampos Skoulikaris

chapter Chapter 3|10 pages

Responding to climate change impacts on water resources and management

Insights from Australia
BySilvia Serrao-Neumann, Hannah Jozaei

chapter Chapter 4|11 pages

Optimization of the operation of multi-purpose dams using ensemble prediction

Case study from Japan
BySatoru Oishi

chapter Chapter 5|19 pages

Hydroclimatic variability across Tapi basin, India

Issues and implications
ByPrem Lal Patel, Priyank J. Sharma

chapter Chapter 6|25 pages

Effectiveness of adaptation options for multi-purpose reservoir operation to climate change

A case study in Japanese river basins
ByDaisuke Nohara, Yoshinobu Sato, Tetsuya Sumi

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Nature-based solutions as climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in Italy

ByGlovanna Grossi, Stefano Barontini, Francesca Berteni, Matteo Balistrocchi, Roberto Ranzi

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

Spatial modelling of knowledge

Water resources management in a Brazilian coastal area
ByIana A. A. Rufino, Carlos de Oliveira Galvão, Vajapeyam Srinivasan

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Evolving adaptive hydrologic design and water resources management in a changing climate

Experiences from the U.S.
ByRamesh S. V. Teegavarapu

chapter Chapter 10|21 pages

Incorporation of robustness and adaptiveness into reservoir operations under climate change

ByYoung-oh Kim, Seung Beom Seo, Gi Joo Kim

chapter Chapter 11|8 pages

The way ahead

Adaptive water management and climate effects
ByElpida Kolokytha, Ramesh S. V. Teegavarapu, Carlos de Oliveira Galvão