First Published in 1988, this set offers a comprehensive insight into controlling diseases in plants. Carefully compiled and filled with a vast repertoire of notes, diagrams, and references this book serves as a useful reference for biologists, horticulturalists, other practitioners in their respective fields.

chapter Chapter 1|23 pages

Biocontrol of Rust and Leaf Spot Diseases*

ByJ. K. Sharma, K. V. Sankaran

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

Biological Control, Genetic Engineering, and Crop Disease Management

ByJ. E. Rahe

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Plant Breeding Strategies for Biological Control of Plant Diseases

ByGurdev S. Khush, S. S. Virmani

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

Application of Biological Control Agents

ByJames P. Stack, Charles M. Kenerley, Robert E. Pettit

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Control of Toxigenic Molds in Cereal Seeds

ByRaul G. Cuero, Alison Murray, John E. Smith

chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

Aflatoxin Contamination in Maize and its Biocontrol

ByM. S. Zuber, E. B. Lillehoj

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Dutch Elm Disease, a Model Tree Disease for Biological Control*

ByRuby J. Scheffer, Gary A. Strobel

chapter Chapter 9|19 pages

Hypovirulence: A Natural Control of Chestnut Blight

ByDennis W. Fulbright, Cynthia P. Paul, S. Westveer Garrod

chapter Chapter 10|12 pages

Biological Control of Agrobacterium Species

ByConstance M. E. Garrett

chapter Chapter 11|13 pages

Biological Control of Diseases of Fruits

ByWojciech Janisiewicz

chapter Chapter 12|11 pages

Antagonism and Biological Control

ByJ. Singh, J. L. Faull

chapter Chapter 13|9 pages

Biocontrol of Storage Mold Diseases of Seed

ByJohn Tuite