With chapters from audiology professionals from around the world, Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science presented in two volumes—provides an abundance of information on the latest technological and procedural advances in this ever-improving field.

Volume 1 primarily focuses on revised clinical protocols and provides information on new research to help guide decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment of hearing-related issues. Topics include new clinical applications such as auditory steady-state response, wideband acoustic immittance, otoacoustic emissions, frequency following response, noise exposure, genomics and hearing loss, and more. The volume also includes a section on canine audiology, allowing students and professionals a broader exposure to hearing science.


part I|446 pages

Clinical Protocols Revised

chapter Chapter 1|48 pages

Current and Emerging Clinical Applications of the auditory Steady-State Response

ByJames W. Hall, Sara Momtaz

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

Auditory Efferent System

ByThalita Ubiali, Maria Francisca Colella-Santos

chapter Chapter 5|59 pages

Canine Audiology

ByKristine E. Sonstrom, Peter M. Scheifele

chapter Chapter 6|32 pages

Central Auditory Processing: From Diagnosis to Rehabilitation

ByMaria Isabel Ramos do Amaral, Leticia Reis Borges, Maria Francisca Colella-Santos

chapter Chapter 7|36 pages

Recent Advances In Otoacoustic Emissions

ByLisa Hunter

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

Clinical Applications of Frequency-Following Response in Children and Adults

ByMilaine Dominici Sanfins, Stavros Hatzopoulos, Maria Francisca Colella-Santos

chapter Chapter 10|34 pages

Functional Neuroimaging of the Central Auditory System

ByDavid L. McPherson, Richard Harris, David Sorensen

chapter Chapter 11|20 pages

Genomics and Hearing Loss: Toward a New Standard of Care?

ByThierry Morlet

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Global Initiatives for Hearing Health in the 21st Century

ByBradley McPherson, Shelly Chadha

chapter Chapter 13|20 pages

Solutions for Partial Deafness

ByHenryk Skarzynski, Piotr Henryk Skarzynski

part II|70 pages

Protocol and Last Moment Updates

chapter Chapter 15|4 pages

Calibration Issues in OAE Measurements

ByDiane Sabo

chapter Chapter 18|14 pages

Hearing Screening: Teleaudiology and Its Application with Children in Africa and Europe

ByPiotr H. Skarzynski, Mark Krumm, Weronika Swierniak, Stavros Hatzopoulos

chapter Chapter 19|22 pages

Hearing and Musicians’ Recent Findings on Hearing Health and Auditory Enhancement

BySávia Leticia Menuzzo Quental, Maria Isabel Ramos do Amaral, Christiane Marques do Couto