Methodology drawn from the fields of probability. statistics and decision making plays an increasingly important role in the atmosphericsciences. both in basic and applied research and in experimental and operational studies. Applications of such methodology can be found in almost every facet of the discipline. from the most theoretical and global (e.g., atmospheric predictability. global climate modeling) to the most practical and local (e.g., crop-weather modeling forecast evaluation). Almost every issue of the multitude of journals published by the atmospheric sciences community now contain some or more papers involving applications of concepts and/or methodology from the fields of probability and statistics. Despite the increasingly pervasive nature of such applications. very few book length treatments of probabilistic and statistical topics of particular interest to atmospheric scientists have appeared (especially inEnglish) since the publication of the pioneering works of Brooks andCarruthers (Handbook of Statistical Methods in Meteorology) in 1953 and Panofsky and Brier-(some Applications of)statistics to Meteor) in 1958. As a result. many relatively recent developments in probability and statistics are not well known to atmospheric scientists and recent work in active areas of meteorological research involving significant applications of probabilistic and statistical methods are not familiar to the meteorological community as a whole.

chapter 1|43 pages

Exploratory Analysis of Atmospheric Data

ByThomas E. Graedel, Beat Kleiner

chapter 2|56 pages

Developing Empirical Models with Multiple Regression: Biased Estimation Techniques

ByDonald W. Marquardt, Ronald D. Snee

chapter 3|52 pages

Exploratory Multivariate Analysis of a Single Batch of Data

ByK. Ruben Gabriel

chapter 4|35 pages

Multivariate Comparisons of Data from Several Batches

ByK. Ruben Gabriel

chapter 5|33 pages

Time Series Analysis— Frequency Domain

ByRichard H. Jones

chapter 6|37 pages

Time Series Analysis— Time Domain

ByRichard H. Jones

chapter 7|28 pages

Probabilistic Models

ByRichard W. Katz

chapter 8|47 pages

Statistical Weather Forecasting

ByHarry R. Glahn

chapter 9|41 pages

Probabilistic Weather Forecasting

ByAllan H. Murphy

chapter 10|59 pages

Forecast Evaluation

ByAllan H. Murphy, Harald Daan

chapter 11|21 pages

Design and Evaluation of Weather Modification Experiments

ByPaul W. Mielke

chapter 12|31 pages

Bayesian Inference

ByRobert L. Winkler

chapter 13|32 pages

Decision Analysis

ByRobert L Winkler, Allan H. Murphy