Presents the latest findings on past changes in structure, the factors that lead to structural change, its effect on societal welfare and what will happen to the structure of agriculture in the years ahead. The book provides insights on issues such as the family farm, the industrialization of agriculture and the impact of agricultural technology on the environment.

chapter 1|13 pages

The Importance of Size and Structure in U.S. Agriculture

ByArne Hallam

chapter 2|16 pages

Farm Structure: Concept and Definition

ByΒ. F. Stanton

chapter 3|12 pages

The Structure of Agriculture in an Historical Context 1

ByWayne D. Rasmussen, B. F. Stanton

chapter 6|43 pages

The Production Cost-Size Relationship: Measurement Issues and Estimates for Three Major Crops

ByMary C. Ahearn, Gerald W. Whittaker, Hisham El-Osta

chapter 7|54 pages

Economies of Size: Theory, Measurement, and Related Issues

ByArne Hallam

chapter 9|19 pages

Why Are Some Farms More Successful than Others? A Review

ByGlenn Fox, Philip Α. Bergen, Ed Dickson

chapter 12|28 pages

Technology and Its Impact on American Agriculture

ByMarvin T. Batte, Roger Johnson

chapter 13|29 pages

Government Commodity Program Impacts on Farm Numbers

ByLuther G. Tweeten

chapter 14|18 pages

Implications of Tax Policy for Farm Structure

ByJoseph A. Atwood, Vincent H. Smith, Myles J. Watts, Glenn Α. Helmers, Boris E. Bravo-Ureta

chapter 15|29 pages

Structural Implications of Agricultural Finance

ByCole R. Gustafson, Peter J. Barry

chapter 16|32 pages

A Changing Food and Agribusiness Sector: Its Impacts on Farm Structure

ByMichael Α. Hudson, Bruce J. Sherrick, Michael A. Mazzocco

chapter 17|25 pages

Structural Diversity Under Risk: Choice of Durable Assets

ByLindon J. Robison

chapter 18|31 pages

Empirical Analysis of Tenure Patterns and Farm Structure

ByLarry Janssen

chapter 19|38 pages

The Structure of Families and Changes in Farm Organization and Structure

ByLarry Janssen, Ron Stover, Virginia L. Clark

chapter 20|23 pages

Structural Change in Farming and Its Relationship to Rural Communities

ByThomas Α. Carlin, William E. Saupe

chapter 21|26 pages

Farm Structure and Stewardship of the Environment

ByJay Dee Atwood, Arne Hallam

chapter 22|41 pages

Projections of Structural Change and the Future of American Agriculture

ByKent D. Olson, B. F. Stanton