The 1984 International Stockmen's School Handbooks include more than 200 technical papers presented at this year's Stockmen's School, sponsored by Winrock International. The authors of these papers are outstanding animal scientists, agribusiness leaders, and livestock producers who are expert in animal technology, animal management, and general fields relevant to animal agriculture. The Handbooks present advanced technology in a problem-oriented form readily accessible to livestock producers, operators of family farms, managers of agribusinesses, scholars, and students of animal agriculture. The Beef Cattle Science Handbook, the Dairy Science Handbook, the Sheep and Coat Handbook, and the Stud Managers' Handbook each include papers on such general topics as genetics and selection; general anatomy and physiology; reproduction; behavior and animal welfare; feeds and nutrition; pastures, ranges, and forests; health, diseases, and parasites; buildings, equipment, and environment; animal management; marketing and economics (including product processing, when relevant); farm and ranch business management and economics; computer use in animal enterprises; and production systems. The four Handbooks also contain papers specifically related to the type of animal considered.

part Part 1|56 pages

Global and National Issues

chapter 1|11 pages

Applying Agricultural Science and Technology to World Hunger Problems

ByNorman E. Borlaug

chapter 4|10 pages

Facing the Facts in Getting Started as a Livestock Producer

ByDixon D. Hubbard

chapter 5|14 pages

Jobs in the Horse Industry

ByCecile Κ. Hetzel

chapter 6|8 pages

Economic Outlook for the Livestock Industry

ByRobert V. Price

part Part 2|32 pages

Energy Sources and Animal Wastes

chapter 7|5 pages

Photovoltaic Solar Power for Small Farm and Ranch Use

ByH. Joseph Ellen

chapter 9|16 pages

Utilization of Cattle Manure for Fertilizer

ByJohn M. Sweeten

part Part 3|22 pages

Information Channels and Institutional Structures

part Part 4|32 pages

Activities and Safety for Horse Owners

chapter 13|10 pages

Activities for the Pleasure-Horse Owners

ByCecile Κ. Hetzel

chapter 14|5 pages

Distance Riding for You and Your Horse

ByMatthew Mackay-Smith

chapter 15|8 pages

Protecting the Horseman

ByBetty M. Bennett

chapter 16|7 pages

Risk Management in A Riding Instruction Program

ByBetty M. Bennett

part Part 5|33 pages

New Frontiers in Biology

chapter 17|10 pages

Genetic Engineering and Commercial Livestock Production

ByH. A. Fitzhugh

chapter 20|10 pages

Genetic Engineering of Animal Vaccines

ByJerry J. Callis

part Part 6|36 pages


chapter 21|9 pages

Genetic Improvement in Horses: Principles and Methods, Part 1

ByJoe Β. Armstrong

chapter 22|6 pages

Genetic Improvement in Horses: Inbreeding and its Consequences, Part 2

ByJoe Β. Armstrong

chapter 23|3 pages

Genetic Improvement in Horses: Linebreeding and Outcrossing, Part 3

ByJoe Β. Armstrong

chapter 25|6 pages

Horse Breeding Programs

ByR. L. Willham

chapter 26|6 pages

The Quarter Horse: Then and Now

ByRobert M. Denhardt

part Part 7|20 pages

Management and Reproduction

chapter 27|1 pages

Pasture Breeding

ByMichael Osborne

chapter 28|7 pages

"How Old is He?"

ByWilliam C. McMullan

chapter 29|3 pages

Considerations in Managing the Breeding Stallion

ByDoyle G. Meadows

chapter 30|4 pages

Broodmare Management: Prior to, During, and After Foaling, Part 1

ByDoyle G. Meadows

chapter 31|3 pages

Broodmare Management: Prior to, During, and After Foaling, Part 2

ByDoyle G. Meadows

part Part 8|21 pages

Foal Health and Management

chapter 32|1 pages


ByMichael Osborne

chapter 33|4 pages

Managing the Newborn Foal

ByDoyle G. Meadows

chapter 34|7 pages

Infectious Diseases of Newborn and Young Foals

ByThomas Monin

chapter 35|7 pages

Noninfectious Conditions in the Newborn and Young Foals

ByThomas Monin

part Part 9|28 pages

Nutrition and Feeding

chapter 36|5 pages

These Horses Got Sick Because of What they Ate

ByWilliam C. McMullan

chapter 37|21 pages

Common Sense and Uncommon Science in Horse Feeding

ByMelvin Bradley

part Part 10|42 pages

General Health and Management

chapter 38|5 pages

The Summer Itch

ByWilliam C. McMullan

chapter 39|5 pages

The Treatment of Navicular Disease

ByWilliam C. McMullan

chapter 40|10 pages

Application of Acupuncture in Treatment of Animal Infertility

ByQin Li-Rang, Yan Qin-Dian

chapter 41|6 pages

Acupuncture in Treatment of Impaction

ByQin Li-Rang, Sun Yong-Cai

chapter 42|8 pages

Acupuncture in Treatment of Sprain

ByQin Li-Rang, Cben Ci-Lin

chapter 43|6 pages

Equine Immunization

ByRobert Ball

part Part 11|27 pages

Conformation and Training

chapter 44|5 pages

Handsome Is . . . Form and Function in the Performance Horse

ByMatthew Mackay-Smith

chapter 45|6 pages

Progressive Precision Training: The Most Horse

ByMatthew Mackay-Smith

chapter 46|7 pages

Judging Hunters, Jumpers, and Hunt Seat Equitation

ByDon Burt

chapter 47|3 pages

Ground Training and Breaking the Horse to Ride and(or) Drive

ByJoe Staheli

chapter 48|2 pages

Hoof Care and Evaluating the Farrier

ByJoe Staheli

chapter 49|2 pages

Training the Western Horse and the English Horse

ByJoe Staheli

part Part 12|23 pages

Showing and Selling

chapter 50|6 pages

Grooming Show and Sale Horses

ByDon Burt

chapter 51|2 pages

Sales Preparation of Yearlings: European Style

ByMichael Osborne

chapter 52|4 pages

Types of Advertising in Marketing Horses

ByBen A. Scott

chapter 53|6 pages

Effective Marketing Methods for Horses

ByBen A. Scott

chapter 54|3 pages

U.S. Importation and Exportation of Horses: Methods and Requirements

ByRalph C. Knowles

part Part 13|27 pages

Facilities and Behavior

chapter 55|3 pages

Small-Scale Farm Design for the Horse Breeder

ByMark M. Miller

chapter 56|8 pages

Controlled Grazing and Power Fence®

ByArthur L. Snell

chapter 57|12 pages

Livestock Behavior and Psychology as Related to Handling and Welfare

ByTemple Grandin

chapter 58|2 pages

Horse Sense: What Keeps Horses From Betting on People?

ByMichael Osborne

part Part 14|44 pages

Computer Technology and Other Topics

chapter 59|5 pages

Microcomputer Usage in Agriculture

ByAlan E. Baquet

chapter 60|6 pages

Computerized Records and Decision Making

ByAlan E. Baquet

chapter 61|12 pages

Agnet and Other Computer Information Sources

ByRobert V. Price

chapter 62|3 pages

Computers in the Horse Industry

ByMark M. Miller

chapter 63|7 pages

Nontraditional "Conditioning"

ByR. D. Scoggins

chapter 64|5 pages

Advances in Equine Health

ByR. D. Scoggins

chapter 65|4 pages

A Farmer's Observations of Washington, D.C.

ByMichael L. Campbell