This fully revised edition of Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology covers the rapid advances in the science of agglomeration,  process control, process modelling, scale-up, emerging particle engineering technologies, along with current regulatory changes presented by some of the prominent scientist and subject matter experts around the globe. Learn from more than 50 global subject matter experts who share their years of experience in areas ranging from drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology to advances in nanotechnology. Every pharmaceutical scientist should own a copy of this fourth edition resource.

Key Features:

  • Theoretical discussions covering granulation and engineering perspectives.
  • Covers new advances in expert systems, process modelling and bioavailability
  • Chapters on emerging technologies in particle engineering
  • Updated Current research and developments in granulation technologies

chapter 1|7 pages


chapter 2|58 pages

Theory of Granulation

An Engineering Perspective

part Section II|221 pages

Granulation Processes

part Section IV|170 pages

Characterization and Scale-UP

part Section V|104 pages

Optimization Strategies,Tools, and Regulatory Considerations

chapter 27|26 pages

Regulatory Issues in Granulation

Leading Next-Generation Manufacturing

chapter 28|40 pages

QbD and PAT in Granulation