Diseases of Fruits and Vegetable Crops: Recent Management Approaches covers certain basic aspects of knowledge on diagnostic symptoms, modes of perpetuation and dissemination of pathogens, favorable conditions for disease development, and the latest management strategies for disease prevention and mitigation in vegetable crops, fruit crops, and plantation crops.

With chapters written by experts working on specific fruit and vegetables disease, the volume covers many vegetable and fruit crops, including pineapples, grapes, apples, guava, litchi, potatoes, peas, beans, ginger and turmeric, and many more. Each chapter reviews the specific diseases relevant to the crop and their management and includes recent research findings.

The information presented here will be valuable for plant protection officers, district horticulture officers, and other government personnel in the directorates and agencies of agriculture, horticulture and plant protection, as well as plant protection experts, vegetable specialists, and others.

part Part I|144 pages


chapter Chapter 1|15 pages

Pineapple Diseases and Their Integrated Management

BySanjeev Kumar, Erayya

chapter Chapter 2|21 pages

Diseases of Apples and Their Management

ByJ. N. Srivastava, A. K. Singh, R. K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 3|23 pages

Citrus Diseases and Their Management

ByV. Jyothi, M. E. Shilpa

chapter Chapter 4|9 pages

Diseases of Grapes and Their Management

ByB. D. Devamani

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

Diseases of Custard Apple and Their Management

ByG.L. Sharma, N. Lakpale

chapter Chapter 6|8 pages

Diseases of Guava and Their Management

ByB. D. Devamani

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Diseases of Jackfruit Crops and Their Management

ByR. C. Shakywar

chapter Chapter 8|18 pages

Diseases of Litchi and Their Management

ByVinod Kumar

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

Major Diseases of Mangoes and Their Management

BySupriya Gupta, Pankaj Rautela, C. S. Azad, K. P. Singh

part Part II|288 pages


chapter Chapter 10|34 pages

Diseases of Potato Crops and Their Management


chapter Chapter 11|29 pages

Diseases of Tomato Crops and Their Management

ByRautela Pankaj, Supriya Gupta, C. S. Azad, R. P. Singh

chapter Chapter 12|17 pages

Diseases of Elephant Foot Yams and Colocasia Crops and Their Management


chapter Chapter 13|31 pages

Diseases of Garden Peas (Pisum sativum L.) and Their Management

ByRamesh Nath Gupta

chapter Chapter 14|12 pages

Diseases of Ginger and Turmeric and Their Management

BySunil Kumar, Gireesh Chand

chapter Chapter 15|29 pages

Diseases of Pointed Gourd Crops and Their Management

ByR. C. Shakywar, M. Pathak, Mukul Kumar, R. B. Verma

chapter Chapter 16|20 pages

Diseases of Brinjals (Eggplant) and Their Management

ByNarender Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Gireesh Chand, S. K. Biswas

chapter Chapter 18|25 pages

Major Diseases of Chili and Their Management

ByC. S. Azad, Pankaj Rautela, Supriya Gupta, R. P. Singh

chapter Chapter 19|22 pages

Diseases of Cucurbits and Their Management: Integrated Approaches

ByGireesh Chand

chapter Chapter 20|32 pages

Diseases of Beans Crop and Their Management


part Part III|75 pages

Other Food Crops

chapter Chapter 21|25 pages

Economically Important Diseases of Tea (Camellia sp.) and Their Management

ByKishor Chand Kumhar, Azariah Babu

chapter Chapter 22|27 pages

Symptomatology and Etiology of Alternariose in Root, Fruits, and Leafy Vegetables

ByUdit Narain, Alka Kushwaha, Rajendra Prasad, Ved Ratan

chapter Chapter 23|19 pages

Micronutrients Deficiency in Vegetable Crops and Their Management

ByShweta Shambhavi, Rakesh Kumar, Rajkishore Kumar, Mahendra Singh